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"House At The End Of The Street" Review

The movie starts out with one of the most rehashed story lines in horror movie history... A mother and daughter(s) move into a new house in a small town for a fresh start. At least ten movies come to mind... While there are some good scenes, the movie is all too predictable from start to finish.

The character of Ryan (Max Thieriot) is by far the most interesting character in the movie. He comes off as a nice young man dealing with tragedy and spins into a psychotic, obsesve murderer. While the climax was predictable, the character deserves empathy nce it was a childhood tragedy that led him to insanity. I thought the whole Carrie-Ann symbolism was well done. He loved his ster, right? So he picks young girls to symbolize her. ck and twisted and I liked it.

Elisabeth Shue does a nice job as Sarah Casdy, the mother of Elissa Casdy, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Her character is complex as a ngle mother trying to deal with raing a teenager after long her husband. Shue's strongest scene was at the dinner table with Elissa and Ryan. The tenon between Sarah and her daughter was a good dynamic in the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence does a good job playing Elissa Casdy. Of course, the role allows her to show off her mucal talents, or lack thereof. Lawrence reminds me a lot of Leelee Sobieski.

Overall, the "scare scenes" are all too predictable. The ending is not at all suspenseful nor original. When the lights went out and the flashlight flickers on and off, you just knew the payoff was going to be the image of Ryan running at her. She shoots him multiple times. He ts there as if he's sleeping and grabs her arm while he reaches in his pocket for his keys. Geez... I haven't seen that before! The last scene of his childhood memory is well played. His mother wants him to become Carrie-Ann. The back story is ck and twisted and that's what I found most interesting about this movie.

The performances are well done but the script and suspense are lacking creative originality and execution. Do what I did, rent it on the Red Box. While not a bad movie, it's a "one and done" viewing.

I give it 5 out of 10 stars.
iamthebearman Tuesday 3/05/2013 at 11:11 PM | 100344