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Review Of Lee Vervoort's New Road Horror Film THE TRUCK - Now Available On DVD!

THE TRUCK (2013) Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast: John Michael Morris, Rachelle Christine, Tim Emery, Andy Grace, Danny Lee Ramsey, Jenna Nichole Ruiz, and Lee Vervoort.

Written and Directed by: Lee Vervoort


"In March of 1987, Roger and Alice take a weekend getaway to explore an abandoned campground Roger has inherited. Along the way, they run into an old four wheel drive truck that adds miles of terror to their trip. Is there anyone behind the wheel? Or is it driven by pure evil?"


Director Lee Vervoort brings to life a new and permanent staple in the Road Horror genre with THE TRUCK. A tale set during the eighties which serves as one hell of a high speed roller coaster ride that is constructed of a recipe for Terror.

Look for director Lee Vervoort's appearance in the film as Captain Leadfoot. A character that seems to be in his mind, the King of the road.

The movie contains some great actors that really make the film memorable. The male lead Roger, played by John Michael Morris, is a character that I can really relate with in that he is dealing with emotions from his past while at the same time feeling the current pressure from his girlfriend to ditch his dangerous occupation that he loves in order for the two of them to settle down and be married. Rachelle Christine does a wonderful job of portraying the role of Alice. Together the love birds display a magnetic and playful chemistry.

Tim Emery and Andy Grace, who both starred in Vervoort's first film GUN TOWN, return to create the law enforcement duo of Sheriff Jack Bishop (Emery), and Deputy Clarence Bishop (Grace) in hilarious fashion. These two fearless characters are not to be messed with as they are at each other's throats, delusional at times, and really deliver on the entertainment. The Lafayette County Sheriff's Department are aching to protect.

From the opening scene Vervoort holds nothing back as the tone is set with the notion that anything can happen in this movie. The pace of the film is not slow at all. It also contains many moments of amazing artistic approach. Proper care is used in taking the right amount of time to nail certain shots which are marvelous. From POV and low riding full throttle vehicle angles to lurking maniacal moments of fright. There is never a dull moment.

There is plenty of lightning fast action and edge of your seat stunts. It had to be very difficult to pull off some of the wild on-road as well as off-road scenes with the star automobiles. I really enjoyed the use of the older model bad ass vehicles.

With the year being set in 1987, it calls for a focused eye on attention to detail. THE TRUCK pulls through in a big way complete with filing cabinets, a red digital clock, and of course the radical eighties lingo.

The scope of the world in which we delve into here is fantastic and incredible to look at. You truly get the feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere. Many different set locations offer a variety of possibilities as the Terror begins to unfold.

The story is one that is very compelling with the focal point of the movie being THE TRUCK which mysteriously stalks and terrorizes methodically from beyond the shadows of the daylight. Danny Lee Ramsey, who makes a special appearance in the film, provides the incredible score. This ignites the Hellish evil of THE TRUCK with it's dark and wicked sounds launching us all into a nail biting atmosphere.

The ending of the movie you truly have to see this for yourself. I can tell you this, it does not disappoint at all.

In my eyes, fifty years from now people will ask the question "what are the top three road Horror films of all time?" In no particular order, I honestly believe that most diehard fans will reply "DUEL, THE CAR, and THE TRUCK."

I highly recommend this film to anyone reading this, especially those of us who love the world of Horror. Below awaits the trailer for THE TRUCK, as well as links to order your own copy of the DVD and also the collectable movie poster.

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