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Review For NEVERLAKE Within - Trailer Included!

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It is always a lot of fun when a Horror movie can capture the dark, eerie tones of the old Hammer films. Hammer is known for its ability to conjure chilling atmospheres in the most common of places, therefore when a modern day director can pull it off, it’s a true testament to his or her talents. This is the case with NEVERLAKE. Director Riccardo Paoletti uses age old mysticism and folklore to help set the tone of his film. The result is an effective Horror flick that entertains on many levels.

NEVERLAKE is shot well and looks very good onscreen. I particularly like the sweeping landscape shots throughout the ride. They are a huge help in setting the tone for the film, and they also highlight the beautiful Italian countryside in which the flick is shot and set. The acting is reasonably solid with several enjoyable performances.

Although NEVERLAKE is entertaining and visually excellent, it does have a few flaws. First and foremost, the plot takes a while to get moving. The movie has a run time of 86 minutes, however the opening scenes are slow, which slows the tension from building. Secondly, some of the storyline later on gets a bit confusing, especially when the horrifying medical discovery is made in connection with the three thousand year old spirits.

However, NEVERLAKE is a creepy film with lots of surrealistic and beautiful imagery. Despite it's minor negatives, it is definitely one to check out. It is a fun and haunting film that every Horror fan should check out.

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