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This review is for the 2013 Horror film DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN the title might be a bit bland, but do not let that keep you from seeing this movie. It has plenty of scares and intensity, with a pretty incredible ending.

DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN is very well made and looks great onscreen. I particularly like how much time and detail was put into ‘Delivery’, the reality show that we see within the movie. This aspect is very impressive, as it could have easily been something that you see on History or A&E.

The acting is well done, with Laurel Vail and Danny Barclay portraying the main couple. Both do a great job with their roles. Also of note is Rob Cobuzio, who plays Rick as we get to see quite a bit of him in interview form, and he certainly delivers.

The special effects in DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN are good, although there are not many of them. The cold breath effects seen onscreen when Rachel is standing in the baby’s room and she senses another presence was a nice touch.

The story, specifically the ending, is what seems to stand out the most. I will not divulge the horrifying final scenes (because you simply must watch them to appreciate them). It is certainly worth checking out.

DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN is recommended it to anyone looking for a fun, scary time. All fans of Horror should check this one out.
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