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What Could Make CARRIE Super Awesome? STAR WARS!! See The Video Inside!

CARRIE has been a hot topic as of late with it hitting theaters just this past weekend. The feedback has been both good and not so good depending what floats your boat. A very awesome video (see below) has emerged depicting the telekinetic beauty as a Sith Lord, or Lordess. So for those of you that have not seen the film yet, be forewarned, the video does contain bootleg footage, SPOILERS, of a lot of the film's climatic scene. Who knows how much longer this video will remain up, so check it out while you can.

It is really cool seeing Carrie White do her thing as STAR WARS "The Imperial March" appears to be her driving force here, thus giving her a Sith like quality that even Lord Vadar would be proud of.


Source- Youtube
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