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Trailer Arrives For OUIJA: BLOOD RITUAL!

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Ouija boards have always been eerie and mysterious. Is it a game? Is it real? There is an upcoming found footage film titled OUIJA: BLOOD RITUAL that will address these questions. The movie comes from writer/director Dustin Mills and the trailer has been released and can be watched down below.

OUIJA: BLOOD RITUAL stars Kayla Elizabeth, Rob Grant, Brandon Salkil, and director Dustin Mills.


"Three Ohio filmmakers set out to debunk famous internet urban legends and rituals. When one of the rituals calls for a blood sacrifice, the trio unwittingly summon an ancient primordial evil that won't stop until they're all dead or they will submit to his evil power."

OUIJA: BLOOD RITUAL, which is now available on DVD through Grindhouse Video.
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