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Official Trailer Arrives For Netflix Horror Anthology DON'T WATCH THIS!

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Netflix continues to bring us more Horror and this time in the form of an anthology titled DON'T WATCH THIS. The film is now available to stream on Netflix. Head on down below to have a peek at the official trailer.


"Ghoulish creatures, dark obsessions and unsettling visions await in this hair-raising set of short Horror films.'

Featuring the following shorts:

Friendship Bracelet: When two popular girls show up to her birthday party, outcast Julie goes to chilling extremes to make them her best friends. From Crypt TV

CTRL+ALT+DEL: A spiteful hacker lured into a virtual reality game on the dark web races to solve three challenges -- with harrowing results.

From Propagate Content, the Executive Producers of Haunted Incommodum: Ominous symbols, bodily horrors and other frights converge in a surreal nightmare that's not for the squeamish. From the demented minds of Netflix employees

Keep Out: Teaming up for one last spooky viral video, friends Noah and Alex break into a long-abandoned house, only to discover they're not alone.

From Crypt TV

Antoni Psycho: As "Queer Eye" food and wine expert Antoni Porowski shares the secrets of his healthy morning rituals, hints of a darker side emerge.

From the Executive Producers of Queer Eye

DON'T WATCH THIS is now available to watch on Netflix.
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