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Official Trailer Arrives For THE DEVIL AND I!

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Bad Cookie Pictures has released some decent films in the past. They made an impact with 2016's READY TO BURST. The body Horror subgenre was done justice with that effort. Created by filmmakers Ariel Hansen and Christopher “Topher” Graham they have their next project lined up titled THE DEVIL AND I.

Written and directed by Topher Graham, THE DEVIL AND I stars Ariel Hansen, Producer James Kingstone and the voice of Jesse Inocalla.

Colin Basnett and Selena Raskin to produce, with Jordan Barnes-Crouse will edit and Kevin Williams will compose the lighthearted score. Also involved were Producer David Aboussafy and Cinematographer Luke Bramley.


"The setting is a Colonial village called New Caledonia in 1845. Young Hannah (Hansen) is skinning an animal in the woods by the river as her brother (Kingstone), the town’s treasurer, prattles on about her “unfortunate” situation, inferring that her unmarried state is a great thorn in his side. He belittles her when she says she has no interest in getting married and brags about his own wonderful wife and son. Suddenly, he freezes, and a black dog (Apollo) comes trotting through the woods towards her… a dog that can talk (with the voice of Jesse Inocalla), an act she seems to accept with barely a raised eyebrow. When this average looking canine sits down next to her, the wispy smoke that rises around him is the only outward clue that he’s not of the natural world. Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the dog plants seeds of righteous anger and the burden of guilt into Hannah’s head – how she’s in love with her brother’s wife, who loves her back, but they can’t act upon it in the Colonial community where they live."

THE DEVIL AND I is currently being made.
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