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Martial Arts Meets The Undead In JOHNNY Z - Official Trailer Inside!

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Hurricane Bridge Entertainment releases its first glimpse at their upcoming action/Horror production JOHNNY Z, slated for release 2019. JOHNNY Z demonstrates many different forms of martial arts and is Straiton’s first bilingual film where both the main actors speak English and Spanish. Action and Horror of reanimated corpses, virally infected human beings, and exciting martial arts action all filmed in Central Virginia. Head on down below to have a look at the trailer.

The film was written by Ron Bonk and directed by Jonathan Straiton.

JOHNNY Z stars Michael Merchant, Felix Cortes, Jason Delgado, David E Mcmahon, Ellie Church, Wayne W Johnson, and Trey Harrison. The movie will begin its festival run in the spring of 2019. Hurricane Bridge Entertainment has partnered with Black Mandala for the films worldwide distribution.


"Johnny Z is an action-horror feature film about a half human, half zombie named Johnny who’s blood holds the cure to the zombie epidemic. After escaping Nordac, an experimental medical prison, Johnny comes under the guidance of a martial arts Grandmaster named Jonray who agrees under a dying wish to protect and embarks on a journey to find a missing doctor while battling his one personal demons."

JOHNNY Z will be released sometime in 2019.
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