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Trailer For Killer Doll Movie PORCELAIN STARE Is Within!

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There have been many Horror films made over the years that depict dolls coming to life and committing murder. There is no doubt that Chucky is king, but there have been a few dolls out there to make a name for themselves as well. A new killer doll flick has been making the festival rounds titled PORCELAIN STARE. Written and directed by Robin Rippmann, the trailer can be viewed below.

PORCELAIN STARE stars Mia Miljko and Veronika Herren-Wenger.


"A young girl is invited for tea by an old woman. Little does she know that the woman harbors a terrible secret that will soon be uncovered."

Since the start of its festival run last October, this film has screened at 23 fests in 8 countries and has won 4 awards so far. We will keep you updated on PORCELAIN STARE as we hear it.
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