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Official Trailer For OUR EVIL Is Within!

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Uncork’d Entertainment and Dark Star Pictures have made the U.S. release of the Brazilian film OUR EVIL possible. Head on down below to have a look at the official trailer, along with the other details.

The film is the debut by director Samuel Galli. It stars Fernando Cardoso, Ricardo Casella (Benjy Lucas), Walderrama Dos Santos (The Black Fables), Ademir Esteves, Maria Galves, Maria Clara Goncalves, and Gabriela Grecco (A Segunda Vez).


"The story follows Arthur (Ademir Esteves), a former exorcist and doting father preparing for his only daughter’s foray into college. Hiding a secret from his own past in order to protect her future, Arthur hires Charles (Ricardo Casella), a professional hitman and amateur serial killer, to help him fight a demonic power he believes is coming to destroy his daughter’s soul."

OUR EVIL will be released on VOD on May 14, 2019.
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