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Official Trailer Arrives For Serial Killer Thriller ARTIK!

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Actress Lauren Ashley Carter has had roles in such films as THE WOMAN, POD, and JUG FACE. She now joins in the fun for the upcoming film from writer/director Tom Botchii titled ARTIK. The official trailer is down below.

Carter is joined in the cast by Chase Williamson, Matt Mercer, Jerry G. Angelo, and Gavin White.


"A family-run sunflower farm, where comic-book obsessed serial killer Artik (Angelo), his life partner Flin (Carter), and their family of foster kids are on the hunt for the ultimate comic-book hero. Until Holton (Williamson), an Al-Anon attending straight edge, punk purist, comes between them."

ARTIK will arrive in theaters on September 6th, followed by a VOD/Blu-ray on September 10th.
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