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Official Trailer For INVESTIGATION 13 Is Within!

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The book opens on Krisstian de Lara’s INVESTIGATION 13 this fall with Uncork’d Entertainment, The film will be on digital and DVD release next month.

The film stars Meg Foster, Stephanie Hernandez, Patrick Flanagan, Robert Paget, William Alexander, Giordan Diaz, Jesse Ramos, and Peter Aratari as ‘The Mole Man’.


"Incorporating traditional narrative story-telling, as well as numerous forms of pioneering technology, including found footage, hand-held cameras, surveillance cameras, and smart glasses, Investigation 13 is a new-age fright-fest chronicling the tale of a group of college science students investigating the urban legend of The Mole Man, an ex-patient said to still be residing within the walls of the Black Grove Asylum. When members of the group start missing, they soon learn that this myth is more real than they thought, making this 13th investigation one they will come to regret."

Clay Smith wrote the original screenplay, Rolando Vinas and de Lara wrote the most recent version.

INVESTIGATION 13 will arrive on VOD and DVD September 10th.
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