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Official Trailer For NEKROTRONIC Is Within!

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Sometimes it's fun to sit back and enjoy a silly Horror/comedy. If you enjoy such thing, you may want to check out director Kiah Roache-Turner's new flick titled NEKROTRONIC. You can check out the official trailer by heading down below.


"Nekrotronic drops slacker Howie (Dave Beamish: Thicker Than Water 2018) into a centuries-long battle between demons and their arch-enemy hunters, The Nekromancers. Quite recently, the conflict went digital, with demons now able to possess humans through their cell phones. A series of ridiculous set-ups later, and Howie discovers he’s actually a mega-powerful Nekromancer… and he’s only one who can stop the demonic Finnigan (Bellucci) from sucking all our souls out through a new phone app."

NEKROTRONIC is now available on VOD.
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