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Official Trailer For THE PINING Is Within!

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If you enjoy a good possession film that is filled with excitement you may want to check out THE PINING which is now available on Amazon Prime. From Uncia films, THE PINING is in the tradition of THE EXORCIST and END OF DAYS as a paranormal whodunnit. Head on down below to watch the official trailer.

A detective, priest and photographer go against unexplainable evil. From director Eduardo Castrillo, and starring Tom Sizemore (“Twin Peaks”, Natural Born Killers), Miguel A. Nunez Jr (“Nashville”, Return of the Living Dead) and Stranger Things’ Jackie Dallas.

Also starring Jonez Cain, Natalie Gibson and Diogo Hausen.


"When members of a therapy group start dying under mysterious circumstances, A hardboiled detective is forced to reopen a cold case. Her only leads are a burnt-out priest and a handicapped photographer, who seem to know more than what is in their police statements."

THE PINING is now available on Amazon Prime.
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