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Teaser Video For Space Horror Game Negative Atmosphere Is Within!

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If you been looking for an interesting video game to sink your teeth into? If so, there is a new space Horror game on it's way titled Negative Atmosphere.

Sunscorched Studio’s third person survival Horror game, Negative Atmosphere, is set aboard the massive, space-faring vessel, the Rusanov. A mysterious disease has taken over almost everyone and transformed the ship into a nightmare. According to the developers, you will play as one of the few remaining survivors of the epidemic, Samuel Edwards. As Edwards, you will need to navigate the hellish landscape where resources are scarce.

At this time there is no date of release date yet, but Sunscorched Studio’s are hard at work to get it finished and perfected.

The developers did say that they plan to have a demo out by the end of 2019. When released, the game will be available for PC.
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