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Trailer For ANYONE HOME? Is Within!

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Gravitas Ventures is proud to release the much anticipated film, Anyone Home? (AKA Model Home). The film was written and directed directed by debut filmmaker Patrick Cunningham and stars Monique Gabriela Curnen (The Dark Knight 2008), Kathy Baker (Edward Scissorhands 1990), Luke Ganalon (Shake It Up TV series), Jon Jon Briones (American Horror Story TV series), and Keram Malicki-Sanchez (Texas Chainsaw 3D 2013). Anyone Home? is available now on Digital.

Check out the trailer below.


"A troubled single mother (Curnen) entertains a dangerous fantasy after she’s recruited to live in an unsold property in an empty development. Jasper plays the pivotal role of Walker, a desert rat who lives in an old run down RV on the outskirts of the small desert town where the film takes place. Eccentric and bizarre, he’s a voyeur who suddenly finds himself thrust into the lives of the mother and young son (Luke Ganalon) who are living in the “Staged House for Sale.” He goes from potential stalker to being a victim himself. This film highlights timely issues such as mental illness, suburban strife, socio-economic race relations and the real estate market crash."

ANYONE HOME is now available on Digital.
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