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Official Trailer For KILL GIGGLES Is Within!

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KILL GIGGLES is a film made in the same light as a Hitchcock flick. The Horror/thriller is inspired by Jaysen Buterin’s own coulrophobia, extreme fear and/or hatred of clowns. You can watch the official trailer down below.

The film stars Michael Ray Williams as unhinged clown killer Tommy dos Santos, Ellie Church as Eden di Prima, Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose and Judith O’Dea as well as Patrick G. Keenan and Nereida Velazquez.


"Tommy dos Santos wasn’t born a psychopath, nor was he made into a sociopath. He’s something entirely new, and he’s walking his own path – a path that will run red with the blood of the foulest most fiendishly frightening creatures ever conceived by man… CLOWNS! No longer the madmen and monsters that nightmares are made of, now it’s the clowns who are the victims, running for their lives from a killer who won’t stop until every single one of them is dead."

Look for KILL GIGGLES to arrive soon.
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