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Official Trailer For AFTER PARTY Is Within!

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Writer/Director Tony Villalobos brings his vision to life in the upcoming Horror film titled AFTER PARTY. The flick has an interesting angle to it, involving Hollywood, after parties, and a masked killer. You can watch the official trailer down below.

AFTER PARTY includes Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, Simona Shyne, Timothy Delaghetto, Tonio Skits, Johannes Bartle, Ray J, Hana Giraldo, Danny Trejo, Kinsey Wolanski, and Denny Love.


"Young Hollywood “Elite”, aka The Social Media Influencers, think tonight’s afterparty is the usual Hollywood Hills get together at another private mansion after the club. Little do they know that not everyone is going to make it out alive. What starts off as an intimate get together spirals into a night of survival. One by one… vegan, model, slut, club promoter, drug dealer, Latina, reality star, wannabe rapper, v-logger… all have to fend off a killer hunting them down.

These people don’t know why they’re being targeted by the killer wearing a “smily Face” emoji mask, but come to learn about the dark, secret underworld of the REAL HOLLYWOOD ELITE. The ones that survive the night, must continue the constant cycle of cleansing, and keeping the amount of celebrities in Hollywood at a minimum, or die."

AFTER PARTY is now available in select theaters, digital, and VOD.
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