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NO SIN UNPUSNISHED Coming To DVD - Trailer Within!

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From John Farris comes NO SIN UNPUSNISHED based on his short story, Horrorshow. Filmed in Atlanta and produced by King Windom Productions in association with New Films International, No Sin Unpunished is a supernatural thriller where the spirit of a young murdered girl must quickly bring the guilty to justice to assure her eternal peace.

Written by John Farris, No Sin Unpunished was directed by Matt Green and stars Jonathan Horne (Your Worst Nightmare), Amber Erwin (The Gifted) Krissy Notes (The Duff) and Ron Prather (The Accountant).


"The ghost of a beautiful young murder victim is granted 72 hours to prove the guilt of her killer. Otherwise, her restless spirit will be denied a peaceful eternity and will roam the earth forever. Making contact with a young clairvoyant, together they race the clock to obtain a critical piece of evidence that will condemn the killer and free her soul to rest."

NO SIN UNPUSNISHED will be available from Monarch Home Entertainment January 21st on DVD.
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