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Official Trailer For THE DARK RED Is Within!

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Ranked the #1 movie at FrightFest Film Festival by Entertainment Focus, THE DARK RED is a sophisticated, supernatural revenge thriller OR SOMETHING???? with a killer cast including April Billingsley (The Walking Dead, Last Vegas), Kelsey Scott (How to Get Away with Murder), and Rhoda Griffis (Parental Guidance, The Blind Side) that will appeal to fans of Unsane and The Uninvited.

Head on down below to have a look at the official trailer.


"A young woman is committed to a psychiatric hospital claiming that her newborn has been abducted by a secret society called the Dark Red -- an ancient, underground cult that harvests and controls an incredibly rare blood type that gives one the power to hear and guide another person's thoughts. She says that she is special: that she carries a pure and powerful strain of the blood like nothing seen before, and that the society sees her and her child as its next evolution or perhaps its greatest threat, should she turn against them.

Is the Dark Red entirely a figment of her imagination a complex coping mechanism to overcome a terrible personal tragedy or is there some truth behind her story?"

Dark Sky Films will release THE DARK RED on March 6th in theaters and on digital.
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