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Horror fans will experience a unique tale of terror during the feature-length film A PRECISE UNDERSTANDING OF DARKNESS, and the filmmakers are giving an early look at this intense journey into myth and madness with the recently released concept trailer. The production is currently seeking investors for the project.

“This film is an ode to the psychological horror films over the years that have inspired me,” writer-director R. Shanea Williams says. “I believe there’s nothing scarier than the human mind, and this film will bring that belief to vivid life. And, because we are centering the story around black people and people of color, it will bring a distinctive approach to the horror genre.”

In the vein of films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Invitation, A PRECISE UNDERSTANDING OF DARKNESS tells the story of Marlowe, an Afro-punk artist suffering from debilitating chronic pain that not only threatens to sideline her career but also derail her marriage. Desperate for help, she turns to her neighbor, a self-proclaimed spiritual healer whose unusual methods relieve the pain but also unleash something sinister–leaving Marlowe in a fractured mental state.

Williams is establishing herself as an exciting, creative new voice in film. She was co-writer on the short Suicide by Sunlight, which won the Grand Prize production grant at the 2017 Tribeca Through Her Lens program. The short films she wrote and directed, Contamination and Paralysis, have received official selections from film festivals across the country and acclaim throughout the industry, including Williams’ Rising Star Award for Contamination at the Richmond International Film Festival. She claimed honors for Best Screenplay at the Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Festival and Best Director of Horror-Thriller at the Flagler Beach Film Festival, both for Paralysis. She will be making her feature-film debut with A PRECISE UNDERSTANDING OF DARKNESS, which plans to shoot in New York City.

“A PRECISE UNDERSTANDING OF DARKNESS is a unique, unsettling story about our desperate need to end personal suffering, and at what cost,” Williams says. “The film will explore what we risk when we take chances with our lives in ways we don’t quite understand. I am interested in new ways to engage and terrify audiences and I am excited to create this world both for Horror fans and those seeking out strong, intelligent stories.”

Anthony J. Davis is one of the producers of A PRECISE UNDERSTANDING OF DARKNESS. He has partnered with Williams on several projects, including Paralysis and Contamination. Davis is in his first season as an assistant accountant on the HBO series Lovecraft Country, and he has worked on several major film productions, with budgets ranging from $70 million-$400 million, as an assistant accountant, including Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War and Lincoln.
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