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Official Trailer Arrives For INFECTION!

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Horror has a new homeland. INFECTION is the first zombie film made in Venezuela, and it sets the apocalyptic devastation against a backdrop of the very real sociopolitical turmoil ravaging the country. You can watch the official trailer below.


"After an outbreak of a new strand of the rabies virus turns the population into crazed, bloodthirsty cannibals, a young doctor finds himself separated from his son, with the rapidly decaying city and sprawling countryside standing between them. Navigating his way through the plague-infested streets and marauder-filled backwoods roads, he must use every resource at his disposal to find his way back to his only child and hopefully unlock the secret to a cure for the deadly disease."

This film marks the debut of writer-director Flavio Pedota. It is being referred to as a collision of worlds between MAD MAX and 28 DAYS LATER.

Look for INFECTION to arrive soon.
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