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Official Trailer For THE PERISHED Is Within!

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Following an impressive festival run, the Irish supernatural horror/thriller THE PERISHED, the second feature film from writer/director Paddy Murphy (THE THREE DONT’S), has released a new official trailer. The film will be coming out on April 7th in North America through US distribution company The Horror Collective.

THE PERISHED tells the story of a young Irish woman named Sarah Dekker (award-winning actress, Courtney McKeon) who finds herself dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, her subsequent abortion, and the consequences of a judgemental society.

MAYHEM and EVERLY director Joe Lynch hails the film, saying, “It’s like if Ken Loach remade DON’T LOOK NOW.” Meanwhile, "I got HELLRAISER vibes,” said Entertainment Focus, “and it sent shivers down my spine."

The film was written and directed by Paddy Murphy, who produced alongside Barry Fahy and Vachn Gill. It stars Courtney McKeon (THE THREE DON’TS), Fiach Kunz (GAME OF THRONES), Paul Fitzgerald (THE SLEEP EXPERIMENT), and Lisa Tyrrell (URBAN TRAFFIK).

Look for THE PERISHED to arrive soon.
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