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DOCTOR SLEEP Is Coming To Blu-ray - Details Within!

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DOCTOR SLEEP, the sequel to the iconic Horror classic THE SHINING from The Haunting of Hill House director Mike Flanagan, is coming to digital and 4K Blu-ray very soon, and it’s bringing nearly 30 minutes of new footage with it. That pushes the already-lengthy Stephen King adaptation’s runtime to a full 3 hours. Flanagan announced the director’s cut on Twitter, revealing the new extended runtime and the Blu-ray’s box art.

In addition to the director’s cut footage, which according to a press release includes “new, alternate, and extended scenes,” the disc boasts a handful of special features: “Return to the Overlook,” “The Making of Doctor Sleep: A New Vision,” and “From Shining to Sleep.” No further details are given about the supplemental material or the additional footage, but we don’t have long to wait before we’re able to dive into it and see for ourselves.

DOCTOR SLEEP is a well-executed adaptation that showcases Flanagan’s extreme talent as a horror director, but the movie ultimately left me feeling disappointed with the changes it made to King’s source material. That said, it’s undeniably a visual treat, and a fitting companion piece to Stanley Kubrick’s famed original film. It also contains one of the most disturbing sequences I’ve ever seen in any Horror movie, and that’s saying something.

DOCTOR SLEEP comes to 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD on February 4th and Digital on January 21st.
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