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BERSERKER Is Coming To Blu-ray!

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A group of friends have set out on a camping trip in a rural part of Utah. Although warned by kindly Norwegian immigrant, Pappy Nyquist (George 'Buck' Flowers), of a series of recent killings, supposedly the result of a bear, the campers are undeterred and decide to spend the night outdoors, getting drunk and sharing stories of berserkers, ruthlessly violent Viking warriors who wore bear skins and snouts. Not long after pairing off for romantic escapades, they find themselves terrorized and ripped apart by a large and violent bear...but is it actually a bear, or perhaps a real life berserker who has somehow been transported to the 20th century...

An atmospheric and suspenseful slasher, punctuated by moments of shocking violence and brutality, Jefferson Richard's (Maniac Cop, Get Carter) BERSERKER features expressionistic cinematography by Henning Schellerup (Silent Night Deadly Night, The Boogens) and striking editing from Marcus Manton (Pumpkinhead, Breakin' 2). Vinegar Syndrome proudly presents the world disc premier of BERSERKER, newly restored from its long lost original camera negative.

Bonus Features:

1. Region Free Blu-ray/DVD combo

2. Newly scanned & restored in 2k from its 16mm original camera negative

3. "A Family Affair" - video interview with writer/director Jefferson Richard

4. "Beware of Bears" video interview with actor Joseph Alan Johnson

5. "Valley Girl" - video interview with actress Shannon Engemann

6. Audio interview with actor Mike Riley

7. Historical commentary track with Justin Kerswell & Joseph Henson of The Hysteria Continues!

8. Stills gallery

9. Reversible cover artwork

10. English SDH subtitles

BERSERKER comes to Blu-ray January 28th.
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