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Now available on DVD from BayView Entertainment are the two horror movies, Savage Island (2004) and The Shadow Walkers (2006).

Savage Island was directed by Jeffery Scott Lando (Roboshark 2015) and stars Kristina Copeland (88 Minutes 2007), Zoran Vukelic (Butterfly Effect 2 2006), Steven Man (She Alien 2009), newcomers Mathew Turner and Hannah Lando, and Gregg Scott (Secret Agent Man TV series).


"Julia Young and Steven Harris are having marital troubles, but on a weekend trip to visit Julia’s family on the remote Savage Island, marital problems quickly become the least of their worries. An intense struggle between the Young and the Savage families, the only residents living on the island, takes thrills and chills to a whole new and disturbing level. The Savages, a bunch that take the terms ‘hillbilly’ and ‘hick’ to a new frontier, are out to claim Steven and Julia’s baby as payment for the death of their own son who was accidentally run over by Julia’s pot-head younger brother."

The Shadow Walkers was directed by Stuntman Mark Steven Grove (The Black Hole 2016), and stars Jason Coviello (The Red Road 2014), Jennifer Summers (Hidden Lives 2009), Clay Adams (The Boy Scout 2014), Cortni Mullin (Busted TV series), and Rebecca Gibel (Castle Rock TV series).


"A group of young researchers and military personnel uncover a hive of twisted, genetic mutants that stalk them from the shadows. Now these brave few must destroy the monsters they helped create–before more people are killed and devoured."

Both films are now available on DVD.
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