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THE MACHINE! INDUCTION Is Now Available On Amazon!

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THE MACHINE! INDUCTION! - Brings Horror to a whole new level, and takes place during a single week in June of 1997. It follows Evil, a world-renowned plastic surgeon who runs a vast hidden torture chamber affectionately called “THE MACHINE” beneath his palatial Bel Aire estate garage, along with his family clique of truculent savages! The most prolific serial killers in modern history, and direct descendants of the knife wielding fiend known as “Jack the Ripper”, and the equally infamous hatchet-wielding serial killer known only as “The Austin Annihilator”!

Conditioned from birth to have no care for human life, they torture their victims with ominous epiphany as they torture them to death with vile devices, and sinister contraptions. The condemned see their future laid out before them as they travel through The Machine’s diabolical maze! We follow the final week, and witness the horrific death of Poor Young Girl, but this is a family affair, as more importantly we follow the Induction of five-year-old Junior. This is His-story!

The Darkest Day in the History of Horror is Here! Be Prepared, and be Very Afraid! Just keep telling yourself "It is Only a Story, and They are Only Words!"


(Evil grabs a crusty pair of modified needle-nose pliers and proceeds, without any anesthetic at all, to manually wrench out every last one of Poor Young Girl’s perfect teeth in an utterly torturous and agonizing display of tearing flesh and crunching bone.

Starting with the lowers, he grips each tooth with different sets of creepy pliers. Each has a unique end, angle, and length to reach the different teeth. He twists and grinds each tooth around, breaking off the edges of lower jawbone, causing blood to gush out profusely and explode from her mouth like a geyser. It splatters against the face shield, obscuring Evil’s view, but he never once waivers, not for a second, or stops to wipe any of it off. Like a man on a mission, he treats Poor Young Girl like a damned damsel in dire distress, helplessly trapped in the clutches of the contraption.

During his crude and callous procession of diabolical dentistry, a seemingly endless bombardment of disgruntling sounds are heard and felt. Sounds that would make even the hardiest stomachs cringe and grasp at their own mouths, but not young Junior. He stands there as stoic as one of the hand-carved marble statues adorning the front lawn. Gazing into Poor Young Girl's terror-laden eyes with every last tear and crunch, her excruciating agony is shared and literally felt.

Forcefully, but with dedicated precision, he grinds around and yanks on each tooth, one by one, with a strong jerk, until all are loose and free. He then sets the last bloody utensil back on the tray with care and grabs a pair of ordinary needle-nose pliers bent to a right angle at the tip.

With these, he removes the complete set of lower teeth all in one lot from her mouth, still attached by the now mangled wire braces. He holds them up so she can see, and inspects them for a moment before uttering with a smile, “Look Ma, no cavities! Wow, you really do have, ah, had perfect teeth! These braces look like they hurt, though. I’ll bet you’re happy to finally get them removed.”

Then, with a callous shrug, he ever so nonchalantly tosses them into the large stainless-steel bowl sitting on the tray, making a loud and disturbing metal-hitting-metal clanking noise, slightly circling the inner surface before they settle on the bottom in the center, as he says, “I always start with the lowers first, because if I did the uppers first, the gushing blood would make it impossible to see what I am doing on the lowers after. This way I still have a cleaner, clearer, and more calculated view of my work. Does this make any sense to you?” He continues wrenching out the uppers until Poor Young Girl finally passes out from the intense agony.)

THE MACHINE! INDUCTION! is now available on Amazon.

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