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'Kitty, Kitty' An Upcoming Short Using All Special Effects And No CGI!

In light of the recent oubreak of remakes and CGI filled horror films these days, my friends and I have decided it is time to bring things back to the bacs. Start making horror movies like they use to be. Movies that were filled with madness, monsters, and a little moxie. Movies that pushed the boundaries of what we had never seen before by making our nightmares come to life by ung none other than: practical effects! You know that thing that made some of the greatest films of the past amazing to watch because it was all done on set and in camera...

Well my fellow bidites that is what is going on with this new short film enitiled Kitty Kitty.

It is written and directed by Blair Richardson and will feature all practical effects created by the team at x Demon Bag SFX (a small effects company started by Jeremy Tidwell and

Devin McDonagh). With this film we are looking to tell a story in the vein of Tales from the Darkde, Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt and Monsters. Also

we want to create

a monster in the best way, all practical, harking back to the great masters like Savini, Bottin, Baker, and Winston.

As with all projects we are looking for support. So if anything I have wriiten makes you feel nostalgic or gives you goosebumps. Check out our project and become part of making horror movies with people who are just like you. People who love practical effects, good stories, and a whole lot of scares!

If you would like to contribute or just check out the project here is our link:

And long live horror and the Bidites!
Deadbeat2010 Friday 8/03/2012 at 06:26 PM | 95294
Thats looks just like my cat and shes evil lol
krsdacritter Saturday 8/04/2012 at 03:12 PM | 95332
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