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"Halloween 3" -Original Story- Part Two October 30th

===Part Two=== ===October 30th=== ===Two Years Later===

Stumbling into the restroom after being woken from her short slumber Laurie almost fell over, gripping the doorway she steadied her motions. Clong her eyes tight and taking a deep breath she attempted to collect herself, mornings come too early. She turned the shower on and held her hand under the running water waiting for it to reach the perfect temperature, standing still she almost fell back asleep. ghing awake as the water got a bit too hot she rubbed the wetness on her face attempting to wake herself up, taking the towel off its hook she dried the drops of liquid. As she lowered the towel she looked into the mirror, turning to see each de of her face she realized how much she had changed. Two years ago she was a wreck, and her phycal appearance was a reflection of that. She looked healthy, happy and above all herself. Something that she had missed, she smiled seeing the resemblance of her 17 year old face. Running her fingers through her straightened hair she looked away from the mirror for a moment, she knew today was an important day. One, she had to go for her annual check up with Dr. Murphy. Two, today was one more day closer to Halloween. The last day till Halloween, and even after three years the day was stilled stained with all the blood. Today however was going to be a good day, and she was determined tomorrow would be even better.

After drying herself from her shower Laurie made her way down the stairs and to her front door. The smell of coffee drifted into her nostrils making her mouth water, this was one of the many reasons she loved her roommate. It was a daily routine, Leah would make coffee on her way

out, Laurie would check the mail, divide it, make lunch for Leah to have when she got home, go to work herself and bring dinner back for the two of them. The plan usually went the same way every day unless Andrew came over, then Laurie became distracted. Something about her boyfriend made her forget about the rest of the world when she was with him, it was one of the many things she adored.Opening her mail box she reached in, pulling out a few envelopes she took a quick glance at which were bills. Drawing in a deep breath she looked around her, she loved her small neighborhood. It reminded her of Haddonfield before the murders, peaceful. Haddonfield was over forty miles away now though, and Laurie was now closer to Chicago. She figured it would be best, closer to a big city but not in the fast pace life style. Being in the middle just made sense, that way she could always take a drive either way. Her small town was enough usually, a small movie theatre, few restaurants, a couple of neighborhoods and you were out. Just enough to live happy, just enough to seem familiar without actually being home.

Taking a final glance around her she took in all the decorations for Halloween, each house showing a new scene. Spider webs, blinking lights, tombstones, ghosts, zombies, and much more were strolled across the neighborhood. The festive atmosphere was nice, it wasn’t ideal for Laurie but she could appreciate it.

Noticing her neighbor was loading the kids in the car she walked over to the bushes gnifying the dividing line of the yards and waved.

“Oh hey Laurie,” buckling in her youngest Mrs. Roberts turned to smile.She was a very nice lady, one of the younger mothers in the neighborhood. She had a short light brown bob with big brown eyes, she was very pretty and didn’t look her age. Clong the door she made her way to the bushes as well.

“Hey Mrs. Roberts.” Laurie smiled and waved at the kids in the SUV.“How are you today Laurie?” her voice was soft, comforting like it usually was.

“Im doing great actually, how are you?” Laurie sat the mail on the top of the leaves and tilted her head.

“Oh, ill be better when the kids are at school finally. They are driving me crazy today, sadly they have only been up for a few hours. But me and Mark have plans to take them up to the city with the other parents tomorrow to trick or treat, so that’s why they have been so hyper.” She gave a half smile trying to sound understanding of her own children.

“Oh, that sounds like fun. I bet they will like that, a few of my friends are going to take our friends little ster out to go eat and trick or treat here for a while. We decided to dress up and make it fun for her, im not a big fan of Halloween but it will be cool for her.” Laurie gave the same smile back to Mrs. Roberts.

“Oh, well that sounds nice. I hope you all have a good time, I dunno how much candy you’ll get with everyone going to Chicago but im sure it will be great.” Looking back at the car she gestured for the kids to be patient. “Well I got to drop them off at school so ill see you tomorrow,” she gathered Laurie’s mail and handed it to her.

“Okay Mrs. Roberts have a good day,” Taking the mail she began to back away from the bush.

“You too Laurie, and don’t get to scared tomorrow. This place gets pretty empty on Halloween.”

Before Laurie could reply Mrs. Roberts was back in the car, “empty huh?”

Back inde the house she made her way to the kitchen, placing the mail on the counter she ghed. The thought of the town being empty was unsettling, each year before she was one of the people that made their way out of town. She had spent last year in Chicago, where she met Andrew for the first time. The year before that she met Mr. Brackett half way to Haddonfield at a small diner, it was nice to see him. The day however made it uncomfortable, it was difficult not to bring up a painful subject between the two of them. Still it was worth the pain, he was a very special person to her.Grabbing her mug and filling it to the brim, she took a p. The first few drinks she left untouched, something about the strength of the bare coffee was pleasuring to her. Pulling her phone from her jacket pocket she began to dial Rachel, they were going to drive up to Haddonfield together today for her meeting with Dr. Murphy.“Hello,” Rachel answered.

“Hey bitch,” Removing the coffee from her lips Laurie replied.

“How is your coffee,” Rachel’s voice had a hint of sarcasm.

“Black right now,” The girls exchanged a short giggle.“That is so gross Laurie, I don’t see how you can take a drink of black coffee.” Rachel sounded as if she was getting ready.

“No, no its good. Hey I just wanted to see if we were still on for this afternoon?” Laurie pulled the coffee creamer out of the refrigerator, pumpkin spice. How seasonal.

“Yeah of course, I need to know how my psycho friend is doing don’t I?” Rachel fell lent waiting for Laurie’s reply.

“Yeah I guess you do, but hey I don’t want to keep you on the phone so just text me and let me know when you’re off work.” Laurie tasted the creamed coffee, not too pleased she sat it down with disappointment.

“Oh you don’t work today?” Rachel asked.

“Nope, not till tomorrow. I just have one class today, so im just going to catch up on some homework and what not.” Laurie eyed her binder tting on the counter across from her.

“Oh you’re lucky, well ill text you when my shift is over.” A bell like sound poured into Laurie’s ear as she heard Rachel’s car impatiently waiting for her to close the door.

“Okay bye babe,” Laure slid her finger over the touch screen to end the call.

Flopping down on the couch she stared at the TV, there was still a few hours to kill before she had to go to class. Seeing a cardboard box next to her feet she bent over and took a peak inde. Long knitting needles and yarn were tangled throughout the box, realizing her discovery was one of little excitement she stretched back across the couch. Lifting the phone to eye level she realized she had a message, Andrew’s name was waiting for her to click on it.

‘Hey you, did you finish your report on Halloween?’Clicking reply she began to type.

‘Yeah, although there isn’t much I like about Halloween =p’

Send.‘Well it is a nice filler project , free A babe =)’

Realizing he made a point she decided to change the subject.

‘Well im not going to be able to see you today, wanna come over for a while? I have a few hours to kill ;)’


‘On my way!’

She smiled knowing he understood the sub text of her text message, with nothing else to do sex sounded like a great way to pass the time.

========= Putting the car into park she sat in her seat taking in the beauty of autumn. The leaves were beautiful orange and yellow, falling to the ground and crunching under your steps. The college had been decorated with paper skeletons and bright orange letters, every holiday was a festive one in this small town.

Collecting her books and stepping out of the car Laurie took a deep breath, the posbility of someone doing their report on the Haddonfield murders crossed her mind. She was sure someone thought it was exciting in a scary way that multiple murders happened on Halloween, but to Laurie it was her life. The memories she fought to deal with, not an event that happened states away where you could feel some sort of safety in knowing its too far to happen to you. It wasn’t too far, it happened to her.“Laurie!” Leah quickened her pace to catch up.

“Hey Leah,” Laurie hadn’t realized she had been walking to class.

Leah was a very pretty girl with long brown hair, pouty lips, big brown eyes and a perfect smile. Very energetic, very strong personality.

“So are you still going out with Rachel’s little ster?” Leah was bumping into Laurie with each step they took.

“Yeah, we’ve been planning on it.” Laurie’s shoulder bumped into Leah once more.

“Well if you change your mind or get back early, one of the frat houses is having a costume party tomorrow night!” Leah was too enthused over this gathering.

“Ugh, I would rather not. Why are they throwing a Halloween party? Why not just go to Chicago like the rest of this town?” Reaching the concrete stairs that lead up to the hallway Laurie stopped.

“Well you and I both know the frat’s aren’t going to miss out on an opportunity to get the girls in skimpy outfits, im sure they think they have a better chance at getting laid.” Leah smiled at her comment.

“Im sure you’re excited at that thought,” Laurie laughed.

“I am, every one that hasn’t decided to skip to the city will be there! Aaron will be there undoubtedly shirtless, and I need to be the one to take that to bed tomorrow.” Leah bit her lip with the thought.

“You are so horny! Get to class!” Laurie laughed and pulled her books back up to her chest and watched Leah's hair as it bounced away with her steps.

“Okay, okay! Oh hey, did my ster take her Home Ec supplies with her this morning?” Leah turned back around waiting for Laurie’s response.

“I didn’t even know she had stayed the night, she must have been gone before I got up. I saw some yarn and needles and stuff next to the couch this morning though.” Tucking her hair behind her ear Laurie began to back away.

“Well damn, okay. See you later tonight!” Leah waved and walked off.

Making her way up the stairs and into the hallway Laurie caught herself watching her feet, before she could look up to watch where she was going she was in the classroom. Taking the white scarf off her neck and placing the books on the desk she studied her reflection on the window. Checking for imperfections before tting she ran her hands down her blue sweater, and pulled on her tight jeans. Before tting she pulled her phone out of her back pocket and turned the sound off, potioning her books and papers the way she liked them she got comfortable.“Hey Laurie,” one of her classmates spoke softly as they entered the room.Waving back with a smile she watched as all the familiar faces began to pour into the room, with nothing else to do she made an effort to smile at everyone she could.“Okay class,” Dr. Richards began to speak and everyone rustled into their seats.Feeling the air change behind her Laurie began to turn around, as usual one classmate was late. Before she was able to see who it was they had walked by dragging their bag across her desk.

“Shit!” In an unsuccessful attempt Laurie reached for her phone, not being quick enough the sound of cracking plastic hit the tile floor.

“I am so sorry,” Gripping the phone he stared into her eyes, swallowing hard as he placed it on her desk. “I will pay for another one I promise,” his remorse was apparent.

“Its fine,” Laurie grabbed the phone and attempted to turn it on.

“Im really sorry Laurie,” his voice shook.

“Yeah. Thanks,” Realizing it was broken she ghed holding in her anger.

The screen was cracked from edge to edge, the power button wouldn’t even click. There was nothing she could do but order another one, who knew how long that was going to take. Rubbing her hand over her lips she let out a lent laugh, now that her phone was broken she was sure she was going to need it soon.“Seeing as I really had nothing planned this week, and we do have a holiday coming up I decided to give you an easy asgnment. Im sure even though I gave a elementary school level topic, and more than enough time to complete it a few of you still didn’t take the time to attempt. So for those of you that did, you will be getting an extra grade. It will match what I give on the paper, so now you will either have two failing grades or your average would have gone up. The choice was really up to you.” Dr. Richards placed his glasses on his desk and leaned his bottom against it.

He was one of the more relaxed and casual teachers Laurie had ever met, especially nce she started her college carrier. Typically the writing asgnments were more elaborate but she was sure he had plans this Halloween with his family and didn’t want to spend the day grading multiple paged essays. As grateful as she was that her average in this class was about to become higher she still hated the subject, and knowing he had nothing planned she was waiting for the discuson to begin about the different reports. Trying her hardest to zone out picked a spot on his desk and paid careful attention to it.Had it always been there? She never realized this stain on his wooden desk before, or had she? Maybe that was the reason this section of the desk was the one she chose to stare at, because secretly this stain bothered her unconscious.“Murder,” This word jolted Laurie from her dream like state.

“So that’s what excites you about Halloween? That some crazy, scary psycho could be handing out candy or hiding behind a bush?” Dr. Richards had the expreson Laurie knew matched hers.

“Yeah, it makes it thrilling. To go to a Haunted House and not know if someone there might actually be a murderer, or walk up to someone’s door step with your kid and not know if they have someone lying on their kitchen floor with a knife stabbed in their back.” This was all coming from the same kid that broke her phone.

“Or be on your way home and have a deranged lunatic jump out with a knife, I totally understand what you mean.” Dr. Richards had his hand holding up his head, “While I understand that this adds excitement for you I hope it never happens. This isn’t something that is just in the movies we watch, it happened a few towns away. Twice to be exact, I had some family that moved away just because of it. Sure its exciting but what if you were that person lying on someone’s kitchen floor bleeding to death?” Richards was now standing in front of the student’s desk with his hands in his pocket.Laurie could feel her chest tighten with the thought of finding Annie lying in a puddle of her blood, a tear fell as she remembered picking her head up off the floor and holding her as she died. This was exactly what she was trying to avoid today.

“Laure are you okay?” Dr. Richards studied her face.

“Oh, yeah. Im fine, I just…” She took a small breath. “I just knew one of the people that died that year.” She wiped the tear away and closed her binder.

“See there you have it, someone in this very class was effected by that.” He cleared his throat, “Okay I wont see any of you until Monday so have fun this weekend and be safe!” He yelled as everyone began to collect their belongings and leave.

Swallowing back the pain she felt herself begin to calm down, it wasn’t so bad. It could have been a lot worse, she was thankful she found that stain on his desk or else the time spent in his class wouldn’t have been over so quickly. An hour and a half felt like fifteen minutes, until the conversation started. Once the talk of her past was brought up time seemed to slow down, it couldn’t have been over any quicker for her.=========== Reaching Rachel’s front steps Laurie was glad to be back in a home setting, clong the heavy door she made her way to Rachel’s house phone. Rachel and Chris lived with their two roommates, Tina and Steven. They had a nice two story house a few down from Laurie and Leah, much like theirs it was very modern. They had a table sectioning off where the living area began, to the left of the door was the stairs that curved up to the second floor. Reaching the outde of the counter in the kitchen she gripped the phone and began to dial Andrews number.

“Hey baby I just wanted to call you, one of my classmates dropped my phone today and broke it. Im leaving in a few minutes to head to Haddonfield and ill be back later tonight, love you. Bye.” She left a voice message while making her way up the stairs.“Did he not answer?” Rachel yelled from the bathroom.

“No, I left a voice mail, he will probably call you if he wants to get a hold of me.” Laurie peeked her head in to make sure Rachel was covered.

“What happened with your phone,” Rachel had a white towel wrapped around her body. Her long blonde hair clung to her shoulders as she fixated her towel to hold itself.

“Douche from class broke it today,” Laurie grinned. It wasn’t very often she used the word douche.

“That sucks,” Rachel began to twist her hair letting the water drip into the tub. “They would be buying me a new one today if it was me,” Rachel walked over to the mirror and pulled out her lotion.“Yeah I know, but it was an accident and my insurance will cover it so ill order another online tonight.” Laurie watched as her friend began to rub the lotion into her legs.“Phone-less for a weekend, that is a horrible and cruel punishment.” She placed the lotion back in the medicine cabinet and made her way to her bedroom.

“So what are you going to be tomorrow, I still haven’t decided.” Laurie stayed in the restroom doorway, the warm steam was comforting.“My little ster wants to go as Snow White, not the fairy tale one but the Twilight veron they made this summer. Maybe ill be her evil step mother, Charlize Theron.” Rachel came back into the restroom

and began fixing her hair.

“That isn’t the character that’s the actress,” Laurie laughed.“Oh, you’re right. I still want to be as pretty as that bitch though!” She was looking at Laurie through the mirror and began to dry her hair.

Thinking it over while the hair drier was roaring Laurie bit her lip, “Who am I supposed to go as?”Turning the device off Rachel began running product through her hair, “I don’t know. Be a munchkin, just don’t hang yourself.” She made a funny face at her own joke, “wrong movie. I know.”“That’s horrible,” Laurie was trying not to laugh. “There isn’t a girl midget anyways.”

“Munchkin, Laurie, you cant be so insentive. Its rude for them to be called midgets,” Rachel was an expert at sarcasm.

“Technically they were dwarfs that lived in the enchanted forest,” Laurie corrected.

“Well then we are both wrong, and you’re going to have to put some fake scars on that pretty little face.” Rachel stood in front of Laurie with a loose low cut top, and skinny jeans.

“I don’t think im gonna dress up babe,” Laurie began following her friend down the stairs.

“That is perfectly fine, to be honest I havent even bought my costume yet so I probably wont be dresng up either.” Grabbing her keys off the table Rachel made her way out the door, “Its just for her to have fun anyways. Taking her trick or treating and out to eat is more than enough,” The two of them made their way to Rachel’s car.

“Thanks again for going with me today,” Laurie stopped before pulling the handle.

“You are more than welcome,” Rachel smiled. “Bedes this is what friends do.”


The drive to Haddonfield was superfluous, but this was one of the last few appointments she had to make with Dr. Murphy. Then this would all be behind her for good, no more viting unless she longed to do so. Pasng through the small town of Smith’s Grove where the Sanitarium was located she realized they were close, it was only a matter of minutes before they would pass the ’Welcome to Haddonfield’ gn. The small cemetery would be located to the right a few drive ways in, she was sure they could reach their destination blind by now. She hadn’t realized they were so close, after the conversation stopped between the two of them she drifted into the muc and was lost in her thoughts.“Okay babe, here we are.” Rachel took the turn onto the gravel road, the sun was instantly blocked by the towering trees that surrounded the burial grounds.“Home sweet home,” Laurie pulled herself forward to look at the trees above her.

With the car coming to a stop Rachel unbuckled and sat patiently waiting for Laurie to make the first move. Cracking her neck she turned and smiled, she could tell Laurie was only here because she felt responble for her friends deaths.“Did Mr. Brackett answer your text message?” Rachel asked.

“No he hasn’t replied, I guess I wont be seeing him today.” Laurie dropped Rachel’s phone on the dashboard.

With a gh she opened the door, gripped the top of the car and pulled herself out. The crunching of the gravel under her feet was loud and unsettling, and before she could look up she was standing on Annie’s grave. The feelings she got when staring at the cold grey concrete were chilling, it was knowing she was laying lifeless beneath her feet. That she couldn’t take a breath, smile, swallow, think or feel. She was x feet under the earth with no future, no life to look forward to, just gone.Bending Laurie ran her fingers along the etched in letters that spelt her best friends name, “I miss you Annie.” She swallowed back the tears that were forming, ring to her feet she took a breath.Looking to her left she could see Linda’s tombstone, it was always decorated with flowers and pictures that her father left. It brought a smile to Laurie’s face, it was almost as if she was still here. Loud and obnoxious, vibrant and pretty. It was a nice cover up of the rotting corpse beneath the soil.“Do you want to vit your moms,” Rachel ran her hand down Laurie’s back.

"Which one?” Laurie found the question came out with a slight chuckle.

Rachel wasn’t sure how to answer that question, she knew everything that happened in Laurie’s life. When someone goes through that much pain it makes it hard to truly know what they are feeling, and even harder to know what to say.

Going back to the car Laurie pulled the flowers she bough for her adoptive mother out of the back seat, slowly she made her way to the grave. She knew Rachel had chosen to stay behind, she usually spoke out loud to her mother. It was no secret that it would make anyone uncomfortable, Laurie was sure she would do the same if she was on the other end of the tuation.“Hey mom,” Laurie placed the flowers on the edge of the tombstone. “Not much to say today, I’m sorry I haven’t been down to vit in a while. You know im pretty busy with school,” She ran her fingers over the top of the concrete slab. “I miss you,” a tear fell as she completed the sentence. “I wish you were here to help me through some things, it would be nice to have a mothers point of view.” She giggled through her tears, and after taking a deep breath she lay her head on the tombstone. This was the closest thing to hugging her mother, “love you guys.” Ring to her feet she ran her hand over her fathers name, wiped the tears away and began her way back to the car.

Laurie always made a point to look into the distance, her biological mother and ster were buried de by de in the back of the cemetery. She had only been over there once, and from that time forward decided it was best to pay her respects from a distance. Reaching the car she felt Rachel throw her arms around her.

“I love you babe,” Rachel squeezed tight.

“I love you too,” Laurie ran her hand over Rachel’s arm.

“Now lets go tackle the easy part, trying to prove your sanity.” Rachel tossed the keys to Laurie, “And you’re driving! I’m finished with it,” they both laughed.Taking one more look around her she noticed Linda’s Dad was standing at his daughters grave, a slight cry escaping from his throat. Laurie’s face twisted in an uncertain expreson, quickly she glanced back at Rachel to see if she was viewing the same semi comical scene. Rachel shared the same expreson and with another cry escaping from his throat Rachel held back a laugh and motioned for Laurie to quickly get in the car to leave.

Backing out of the driveway the began to make their way to Smiths Grove, it wasn’t going to be a drive long enough to even buckle their safety belts. The sky was beginning to twist into shades of pink and orange, the dark of the evening was close.

“I know it is more than wrong to have laughed, but come on Laurie. For him to be standing there at his daughters overly decorated grave crying like she died yesterday? Bedes who cries like that? The look on his face and the noises escaping from his throat were abnormal.” Rachel was turned in her seat looking at Laurie with a smile.

“I know, I feel terrible for laughing. I should have went over there to say hi, or im sorry, how are you, something. I just couldn’t bring myself to go over there, especially when he started that whale like moaning.” Laurie covered her mouth after sounding so blunt, trying not lo laugh she shook her head in disapproval of her own words.

Turning into the parking lot she stopped the car in the closest spot, knowing she was Dr. Murphy’s last obligation of they day Laurie was sure this wouldn’t take long. With Rachel following behind her she made her way through the building without any concentration. It was all too familiar.

=========== Making sure to wave high to Laurie as she made her way to Dr. Murphy’s office the young orderly, Mariah, made her way to the back door. She had stayed late to help out a fellow employee and her shift was finally over, letting her highlighted hair down she ran her fingers through it to give it volume again. Typing in the four digit code she pushed the door open and pulled her cigarettes out from her pocket. She hadn’t seen Laurie in x months, maybe if she had arrived earlier they could have taken the time to actually speak to one another. She knew it was too late in the evening for either of them to really make an effort towards anything if it wasn’t going home.Lighting the end of her cigarette she took the first inhale, holding it for a few moments she took a look around her. Slowly she released her breath, watching as the smoke formed shapes in the air. Taking another puff she glanced around once more, she could feel someone watching her. Their eyes taking in every move, waiting for the opportunity to present themselves. Not wanting to give this person a chance acquaint themselves she ran the end of the cigarette against the brick wall and placed it back in its box. Turning she felt her arm bump against warm fabric, with her heart skipping a beat she glanced up to see who she had came into contact with. With hardly any light where she was standing the moon was the only source of illumination, and with a soft blue toned glow she could see a white mask standing in front of her.

Falling to the floor with a scream she began to back away in fear, was this Michael Myers? The dirt and grass were coming up from beneath her feet as she frantically dug them into the ground to make space between him and herself. Trying to get to her feet she could hear faint laughing coming from the man in front of her.“Daryl?” She rose, dusting off the dirt from her clothes. “Daryl is that you, you fucking asshole!” Bending over to pick up her now squished cigarettes she tossed them his way.

“Im sorry, I wanted to see what you would do.” He pulled the mask from his face and held it in his hands. “I found this in my Dad’s attic, hidden in some boxes. I think im gonna wear this for Halloween this year, what do you think?” His scruffy face lit up with excitement, even in the dark his brown eyes were glistening with joy.

“I think its scary, you need to put that way Laurie Strode is here.” She opened the door trying to get away from the disturbing mask.With the light hitting the latex she could see it more clearly now, it was almost a light gray from the dirt and dust it had collected in the attic. It was vibly aged without any cracks or decompotion, and resting on Daryl‘s hand still had an eerie life like quality about it.

“I asked my Dad about it, said he never wore it after what happened with the Myers kid.” Daryl was still fixed on the mask covering his hand.

“Yeah for good reason, he murdered multiple people. Have some tact you ass.” She pushed his hand away from her.

“Okay, I said im sorry. I just thought it was cool, will you stay outde and smoke a cigarette with me? Ill give you one of mine,” He made a sad face with a curled lip.

“Yeah okay,” She closed the door. “But you owe me a pack now, you bastard.”

Hearing commotion at the front door they peaked around the corner to see Laurie walking to her car, grabbing the mask from Daryl she quickly got it out of ght.

=========== Making his way through the over grown field Michael kept close to the trees, it made a constant shadow of darkness over him. Perfect for being invible, perfect for blending in. Crunching the fallen leaves under his feet Michael was lost in his thoughts, he had been hunting her for so long now. He was sure she was alive, living on without him. That needed to come to an end, for so long he wanted to be a family. Reunite with his beloved ster, now only the plan of her death circulated in his brain.Hearing the sound of laughter he stopped in his tracks, slowly turning his body to face the street. Across from himself he watched as two young ladies made their way to a car, one of them having long light auburn hair.“Im so glad Dr. Murphy didn’t take too long today Laurie, I wanna go home!” The blonde girl yelled to her friend.

Watching as they pulled out of the parking lot he took a breath, Angel was found. Turning his attention back to Smiths Grove Sanitarium a low growl escaped from his throat, his greatest chance at locating his ster was in that building.

Finding a dark patch on the road he slowly made his way across the street, if he was going to enter unnoticed he would have to use a back door. It would allow him entry to the patients and doctors rooms without pasng the security gates. Staying in the shadows he made his way around the building, coming around the last corner he stopped. Two orderlies were outde smoking, standing on the edge of the light the lamp created he watched. Listening to their conversation something caught his attention, a mask hanging from the mans hand.“Just enter the code so we can go inde,” The lady barked an order.

“What’s the code again, 2785?” The man asked placing the mask under his arm.

“Yeah,” again the lady barked. This time dropping her cigarette to the ground.========== “Did you hear that?” Mariah asked, looking over Daryl’s shoulder.

“No,” Daryl turned around.

All they could see was a dim light from one of the lamps and a trash bin, nothing else. Still the two looked around, both of them feeling a chill down there spine as the wind decreased in temperature.

“Maybe it’s another raccoon,” Daryl said with a laugh.

Before Mariah could answer she witnessed Daryl’s head shoved into the brick, instantly blood gushed from the gash created in his skull. Before she could scream a hand was around her throat, looking up into the face of this man her heartbeat faded. He was unusually tall, with a full beard hanging an inch off his face. His hair was long and matted clinging to his head, his eyes were full of rage. His expreson didn’t share the same feeling, it was calm. Disturbingly untouched by the horrible actions taking place.As her lungs began to spasm for oxygen her body started to shake, fighting with all her might she attempted to escape his grasp. Slowly he turned his attention to Daryl, fully unaware of her strength. Feeling the pressure in her head building to a boiling point and her lungs burning with the need to inflate the panic was more than she could handle, slowly she began to lose consciousness. Her body was only twitching now as she still fought to breathe, the pain was unbearable. She could feel herself begin to drift away, a tingle starting in her toes began to work its way up. Her eye ght faded, and through the pain her body began to shut down.

========== Dropping her lifeless body he turned his attention to the blood soaked man beginning to regain his senses. Grabbing hold of his hair Michael lifted the body off the ground, viciously he began to hammer his head into the solid wall. After the third thrust against the brick Michael let the man fall to the ground, drawing a long breath of accomplishment he turned his attention to the mask lying in the grass.It resembled the mask he found as a kid in his older ster’s room, running his hand over the face he stared into the hollow sockets. Realizing his fondness of the white latex in his hands he slowly began to pull it over his head, looking out through the mask felt very familiar.Punching in the four digit pass code the door unlocked, and with malicious intentions he took a step forward.=========== As the security guard came back from the vending machine with his beverage he sat, slowly he opened his delivered dinner. Twisting his fork in the Lo-Mein he gathered a healthy portion of noodles, quickly he pulled the food from the plastic with his teeth. Finally he was able to enjoy a meal, now all that was left was some entertainment. Pulling out his laptop and placing on the desk next to the security monitor he turned the device on. While the start up screen began he took another bite, opened his soda and glanced at the monitor. Seeing the top of someone’s head inch off the screen he turned to look out of his cubical. No one was there, taking another look at the screen he could see a patients door was wide open.

“Meredith, we seem to have a roamer on the 200 hallway. Would you care to join me in bringing her back to her room?” James took another bite as he waited for her response.

“James, would you care to share any of you dinner if I make my way to 200 hall?” Her voice rang through the speaker on the desk phone.“Im sure I can find it in me to share with you,” He picked the phone up from the switch hook and waited.

“Then I am sure I can find it in me to asst you with the matter,” she responded with a light laugh.

Laughing to himself he pushed the speaker button off and placed the phone back on the hook. Taking a quick glance into the glass he studied his reflection, none of his dark brown hair was sticking up anywhere. Running his hands down his uniform he began to make sure all redue from his short feast was gone, pulling on the collar and wiggling to make sure the clothes look perfect he opened the door.

Getting to the hallway before Meredith could he found the patient, forcing a smile he made his way to her.

“Honey, you know you cant be strolling around these hallways.” He gave her a few seconds to realize he was there.

Walking closer to her he placed his hands around her shoulders, her muscles tightened in fear.

“Come on, lets get you back to your room.” Slowly James began to lead her towards the doorway.

“No, no.” She whispered. “He is here,” she looked at him in fear.

“No one is here honey, you’re going to be fine.” He wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but then again this wasn’t exactly abnormal for a sanitarium.

“Ms. Mariah,” she whispered in another breathy voice.

“Ill get Ms. Mariah to come see you I promise,” he began to humor her.

“No, Ms. Mariah.” She whispered again.

Taking a look around he realized how dim the lights were at night so the patients could sleep, heavily releang a breath he shook any fear from his thoughts.

“Okay, here we are.” He stopped in the doorway, “No one is here. Just you and your bed, okay?” James smiled at her, trying to assure her she was safe.

Turning to take a look around her room he noticed someone lying in her bed, slowly he peeked his head out of the room to look at the surrounding doors. No others were open, swallowing hard he took a step forward. The light coming in from the small window at the top of the wall wasn’t enough to see much, finally reaching the bed he could see the scrubs of an orderly. Mariah was lifeless, staring at him like a soulless doll.

========== Michael watched as the security guard discovered the lifeless body, “Oh my God.” broke the lence. Slightly tilting his head at the words Michael stood behind the man, waiting for his moment to strike. Realizing the security guard was about to try and leave the room Michael took a deep breath of preparation.

=========== Hearing a deep breath behind him James attempted to turn around, before being able to do so he felt a pair of hands clasp down on the back of his neck. Pulling his weight effortlessly James was brought into a collion with the attackers body, quickly one of the hands muffled his attempted cry for help. Looking back he could see a man towering over his own 6 foot frame, and with the dim lighting could make out a white mask staring down at him.

Realizing who had him in their grasp his heart sank, and before any thoughts could process he felt the man begin to slowly turn his head to right. Tears began to fall, pain began to shoot down his spine, he could feel his bones begin to break under the pressure. With a soft pop filling the air the pain peaked, and slowly he fell lifeless.

=========== Walking around the corner Meredith didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, none of the doors were open. She could see James tting in his seat with his Styrofoam box next to him, looking down at her maroon scrubs she smiled. She should have guessed this was just a way to get her down here, pulling her long black hair back into a hair tie she ghed. Quickly she peeked into all of the rooms through the window on the door. Getting to one of the last she stopped, something didn’t look right about the way this girl was lying in her bed.Looking around the dim hallway she waited for a noise, posbly even James to try and scare her. lence was all she could hear, looking back at the security station she could still see James tting in his chair. Taking one more look in the room she reached for the door knob, with her hand grazing the metal a loud clanking sound filled the hallway. Staring at her feet she could see the metal doorknob lying on the floor in front of her. Pushing the door open she took a step in, seeing the long highlighted her dangling off the edge of the bed she realized Mariah was dead.

A small cry escaped her throat, quickly she made her way to James. Trying to open the door she began to scream for him, realizing he wasn’t responding she stopped and drew in a deep breath. Looking through the glass she could see a towering figure waiting for her, her eyes traveled up his masve body. Through the dim lighting and the shadow he was standing in she could make out a white mask, with no emotion displayed on the face she could feel the indious intentions radiating from him. Noticing he took his fist step towards her she pulled the keys from her belt loop and began to fumble with them, trying to find the key that opened the security room.

If she was going to get through the security doors to escape Meredith had to reach James, he was the only one with the keys to unlock them. Swiftly she located the correct key, sliding it into the handle she unlocked the door. As her heart began beating into her throat she had to take heavier breaths, making harder to control her fear filled cries. Reaching forward she gripped the chair James was tting in and turned it around, seeing his lifeless body made her stomach turn.“Oh god,” She screamed in terror.

She felt his fingers intertwine with her hair, effortlessly he tossed her face into the glass. Cracking at the force of impact the glass sliced into her face, and without letting go Michael Myers lifted her off her feet. Looking back at him as he stared into her eyes momentarily she could hear his growling breaths. Viciously he tossed her backwards into more glass, hitting the floor she watched as shards fell around her. The wind was knocked from her lungs, slowly she reached forward trying to pull herself from his reach.She could feel him standing over her, taking pleasure in her squirming to flee. A light growl escaped his throat and seconds after she felt his boot collide with her skull. Her head cracked against the tile floor, she could feel as the blood began to pour from the tear in her flesh. Her hand twitched as her muscles fought to function, and her eyes tried to focus. Gripping tightly around her ankle she felt him pull her back a few inches, the glass cutting into her flesh as slid across the tile.With just enough strength to lift her head she watched as he gripped the door, turning to her left she realized her temple was even with the metal doorway. Trying to pick herself up she cried out, still her attempts to move were futile. His vicious growl foreshadowed coming events, and she could hear as the air was cut through with the heavy metal door. Everything went lent, pain was rushing through her body. She began to lose control of her muscles, her nerves began to spasm. Blood was rushing over her face, again she felt the impact as the door crushed her skull into the metal door jam.======== With the door almost clong Michael stopped, breathing hard and rapidly he took a look around. Knowing everything was recorded on the security camera he began to dismantle every piece of equipment in the security cubical. Stepping over the blood soaked body he made his way down the hallway, once he found Dr. Murphy’s office he could find where his ster was living. Coming to a dark room he took a look around, realizing it was a dinning room he started for the kitchen area. Quickly discovering the knives Michael gripped the handle of one and pulled it from the rack. The long, thick butcher knife almost covered his forearm. Observing the sharp steel momentarily he looked back at the wall, pulling another from the rack he turned towards the door.========= Collecting his belongings Dr. Murphy began his leaving process, not wanting to tuate the files of the patients back in their rightful place he left them on his desk for tomorrow. Grabbing his briefcase he made his way to the door, stepping into the lobby section he ghed. Everyone had already gone home, following the steps programmed in his mind he found himself already pasng a nurses station. To his horror there was blood painted on the wall, gasping in terror he took in his surroundings. Multiple doors were open, in the distance he could see patients walking around. Dropping his briefcase he lunged for the phone, robotically his fingers pressed the buttons.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” The operator came on the phone, her voice to calm for the tuation.

“I am at Smiths Grove Sanitarium, there looks to be multiple people injured.” His voice cracked in fear, “There is blood everywhere.”

“Okay r, im going to need you to calm down. I have already dispatched someone and they will be there shortly. Can you tell me anything else that is going on, do you know who injured the people?” Still her voice was calm.

“No I don’t know anything, I just stepped out of my office.” He gripped his forehead not knowing what to do.

========= Watching as this man panicked on the phone gripped the knife tight in his hand. Dr. Murphy began to look around him, slowly Michael stepped into the dark hallway.========== Turning to check every direction he stopped, he could feel someone watching him.“r are you still there?” The operator asked cautiously, her voice finally showing a hint of panic.“Please hurry,” his hand was shaking against his face as he held the phone.

========= Standing behind the man again Michael lifted the knife, watching Dr. Murphy’s muscles he knew he was about to turn around. As the man turned Michael brought the knife down with tremendous force, the blade tore into the mans face. The knife had stabbed through the top of the nose, a portion of the eye, and was protruding through the back of the mans skull. Instantly he

fell to the floor and Michael bent his towering figure with him. Tearing the blade from the wound he thrust down once more, barely misng his previous mark. Dr. Murphy’s nose was caved in from the impact, his eye was falling from the torn socket, and pulling the knife from his face once more Michael gripped his ankle and paced towards Murphy’s office. Furiously pulling Murphy's head upward Michael began to slam his skull into the metal doorhandle. Blood began to paint the wood as Murphy's features crumbled inwards. Hearing the metal fall to the ground Michael kicked the door open before tosng the carcass behind him.=========
JohnCorley92 Wednesday 9/05/2012 at 01:37 AM | 96080
So, now that i have posted everyone who was waiting, what do you think?? The next segment is going to be everything you have been wanting!!
JohnCorley92 Thursday 9/06/2012 at 05:07 PM | 96125
I didn't think it was too bad. I was confused by the title at first. I was looking for a part one, couldn't so I just read this.

I like it.

I just honestly wish they would take it back to the original series and finish that with something after part 8 wrapping everything up.
irish16lep Friday 9/07/2012 at 12:31 AM | 96139
I didn't think it was too bad. I was confused by the title at first. I was looking for a part one, couldn't so I just read this.

I like it.

I just honestly wish they would take it back to the original series and finish that with something after part 8 wrapping everything up.

The first part is under the Original Fiction section, im glad you thought it was good tho. I really wanna try and redeem the series again kind of like H20 did, Zombie messed it up SO bad with his part two -.-

I personally hated Resurrection and wish they would have left it with H20, i however am planning on writing my own part 8 to the original series =) Plus i also read that the ending of Resurrection was just his nerves having one last jolt...that he was officially i dont think they will ever attempt a sequel...maybe they will wait 30 years like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and make a sequel =p who knows!! I would love for you to read part one and tell me what you think tho =) The rest will be out around the first week of October hopefully!!
JohnCorley92 Sunday 9/09/2012 at 03:26 PM | 96193
Ey Jonathan, I finally read the last part of this very interesting piece...I like it very much, again seeing the interiors and characters. Can't wait to read more, keep up this brutal work!
UberJason78 Monday 9/10/2012 at 12:13 PM | 96223
Ey Jonathan, I finally read the last part of this very interesting piece...I like it very much, again seeing the interiors and characters. Can't wait to read more, keep up this brutal work

Thanks Sybren! I know you are going to LOVE my last part, i promise all of this slow building story is going to boil over in a great way!! I also love that you are enjoying getting to know my (semi new)characters!! I have just started to write more of the story yesterday, i promise the brutal has yet to come ;)
JohnCorley92 Monday 9/10/2012 at 01:36 PM | 96224
So far, too good for words
M. K. Summerford Thursday 9/13/2012 at 12:02 AM | 96291
So far, too good for words

THRILLS me that you say that! I know that you have been waiting for this nce i FIRST posted it a few months back!! Im telling you, youre going to LOVE my final part to this ;) totally worth the wait i promise!
JohnCorley92 Thursday 9/13/2012 at 05:00 AM | 96305
I hope so. I dont doubt you will deliver the zzle
M. K. Summerford Thursday 9/13/2012 at 10:24 AM | 96308
I hope so. I dont doubt you will deliver the zzle

Thanks for the confidence in my ability to write great horror ;) Somewhere around the first week of October ill post it, im writting it im giving myself that deadline
JohnCorley92 Thursday 9/13/2012 at 01:53 PM | 96313
Part 3 gonna be up anytime soon?
M. K. Summerford Monday 10/01/2012 at 07:24 PM | 96780
Part 3 gonna be up anytime soon?

Actually i am finishing it tonight, it should be up in a few hours ;)
JohnCorley92 Monday 10/01/2012 at 09:06 PM | 96781
Cant wait should be fantastic
M. K. Summerford Monday 10/01/2012 at 09:55 PM | 96783
JohnCorley92 Wednesday 10/17/2012 at 05:46 PM | 97143
Loved the ending to this, it was awesome. The way he gets his mask is cool too. i imagine the mask looks like the clean veron in the remake. Its cool to see how Michael is in the darkness waiting, but when he strikes he is still as brutal as ever. Also, i love that Rachel is in this.
JakeRyan95 Wednesday 10/31/2012 at 04:43 AM | 97528
Loved the ending to this, it was awesome. The way he gets his mask is cool too. i imagine the mask looks like the clean veron in the remake. Its cool to see how Michael is in the darkness waiting, but when he strikes he is still as brutal as ever. Also, i love that Rachel is in this.

Again, thank you. I wanted this to be a slow building story with great pay off. The mask, i imagine, is exactly like that. Just a dirty veron. White-ish grey, dusty and dirty. Rachel is one of my favorite characters in the original series. I felt it would be great to see her in the new series...i kind of imagine Hayden Panetierre myself. I saw a picture of her dressed as Laurie Strode. It was great.
JohnCorley92 Thursday 11/01/2012 at 05:12 AM | 97548
I liked Part Two for a few reasons... Laurie viting the cemetery was good. However, I would have liked to see Laurie have some interaction with her biological mother's grave and I felt there should have been some interaction with Linda's dad nce they never crossed paths in H2 and Linda was one of her best friends. I enjoyed Michael getting his mask and Michael knowing that Dr. Murphy's office was the key to finding where Laurie was now living. The kill scenes were brutal, I liked them. Michael stalking the sanitarium is good stuff.

The only problem I have is how Laurie is able to live low-key and attend college without anybody knowing who she is. For example, when her professor brings up the events of Haddonfield she gets away with just saying that she knew one of the victims. I would imagine that it's almost imposble for her to have any kind of normal existence condering that now everyone knows Laurie Strode is actually Angel Myers. She's probably the most popular person one hundred miles in any direction from Haddonfield. I think Laurie being a shut-in works better condering the events of H2. I would actually prefer her without roommate and friends, trying to find her real self, while dealing with life on her own. Otherwise, I enjoyed Part Two for different reasons than Part One. Definitely more original than Part One. You write characters very well. Michael is very brutal in his killings and I like that you kept Zombie's veron of Michael.

Again, I'm always a tough critic. I think that hearing the negatives are just as important as hearing the potives. So far, I've enjoyed it enough to read into Part Three soon when I have the chance. Good job.
iamthebearman Friday 11/02/2012 at 02:48 AM | 97581
I liked Part Two for a few reasons... Laurie viting the cemetery was good. However, I would have liked to see Laurie have some interaction with her biological mother's grave and I felt there should have been some interaction with Linda's dad nce they never crossed paths in H2 and Linda was one of her best friends. I enjoyed Michael getting his mask and Michael knowing that Dr. Murphy's office was the key to finding where Laurie was now living. The kill scenes were brutal, I liked them. Michael stalking the sanitarium is good stuff.

The only problem I have is how Laurie is able to live low-key and attend college without anybody knowing who she is. For example, when her professor brings up the events of Haddonfield she gets away with just saying that she knew one of the victims. I would imagine that it's almost imposble for her to have any kind of normal existence condering that now everyone knows Laurie Strode is actually Angel Myers. She's probably the most popular person one hundred miles in any direction from Haddonfield. I think Laurie being a shut-in works better condering the events of H2. I would actually prefer her without roommate and friends, trying to find her real self, while dealing with life on her own. Otherwise, I enjoyed Part Two for different reasons than Part One. Definitely more original than Part One. You write characters very well. Michael is very brutal in his killings and I like that you kept Zombie's veron of Michael.

Again, I'm always a tough critic. I think that hearing the negatives are just as important as hearing the potives. So far, I've enjoyed it enough to read into Part Three soon when I have the chance. Good job.

Thank you for you criticism =) For starters, i felt that Laurie held resentment towards her biological family. For one it was something she never knew, secondly it came with even more pain after she learned the truth, thrird it wasnt ideal in any way. Her family was disfunctional to say the least, i feel that she didnt want to be kept under the stigma that they created. After all the life she knew was close to perfect, and in all honesty she didnt know her biological family. I did mention that she tried to vit the grave, but it didnt feel right. i kind of hinted at how she feels when she responds to Rachel. Just to top it all off, her biological family was the cause of Michael. As for Linda's dad, im not sure if i put this in there, but i think she says that she hasnt spoken to him in a while. I wanted the over decorated grave and his overdramatic crying to kind of tell you why. I just didnt want to bring so many different people into it, and while writing this i had thought of having them interact. However, my brother stated that after everything thats been happening it would give it a little comedic pause.

Im glad you liked that i made Michael smart, i felt it was something that made him scary in the originals. Not to say he wasnt smart in Rob's verons, i just feel that the entire H2 he was lead around by a vion in his head. How did he really know where Laurie lived, how did he know she was at the party...he was never seen in the shadows...he just popped up. I didnt want that. Happy you liked my sanitarium stuff, i wanted the violence to be a little spaced out...but well worth the wait. Michael being so overwhelming and brutal in Robs is what made him much more terrifying to me. I definitely wanted to keep that.

You are right about her keeping low key, going over it in my head i might have had her change her last name or something. I just felt that this was a small town, that even so close to Haddonfield, didnt want anything like that around. Laurie isnt exactly a free spirit, and has just finally started getting in the groove of things. It has taken her this long to put her life back to normal, i feel that being the damaged person she is that she would need help. There is no way she could afford a place on her own, especially being a waitress. She kind of just stuck to her group of friends ya know? I also wanted her friends in this story to be the exact oppote of H2, i think she kind of wanted to change alot about herself, in a sense that it would help her lose the mental person she was turing into. While being a shut it would be a good direction to take it, the story would have been its been 3 years nce H2 and she is trying her hardest to live a normal life. Which was her goal, i wanted to show that she has grown into a stronger person because of it, and that she is capable of handling what happened to her.

You meantion that part two is more original, and i can tell you why. My intention was to go in the other direction that Zombie did...however being the fan and movie goer that i am it wouldnt have been right to just jump ahead without showing and dealing with everything Rob made in his part two. A miraculous recovery would have been bull shit, so i felt i needed to deal with the events before starting the new story in the series. It was also important to me to show that even after she fell so far, Laurie is stronger than even she knew. Now she is happy, and moving on. I couldnt have done that without showing her drop a little further. Brackett was seeing how damaged she was, and even she was noticing how bad it had progressed.

Thank you for saying i build good characters =) It was always my intention to keep Michael the way zombie made him, i just wanted to show him a little more like a stalker. Toying and watching his victims. Im glad you are enjoying yourself while reading my story, and i cant wait to see what you think about the rest.
JohnCorley92 Friday 11/02/2012 at 04:27 AM | 97582