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"Ouija" -Original Story- Chapter One


“Trick or treat,” a smaller variety of costumed kids stood in their doorway. With a smile Nichole placed a small handful of candy in each of their decorated baskets.“Happy Halloween,” Nichole smiled.

Watching as they walked away the breeze flushed through the house, her long mocha colored hair was brushed off her shoulders. Clong the door she walked back into the living room.“Well there was only a few kids that time, I’m guesng our night is almost over.” The xteen year old sat on the loveseat and pressed her fingers against her big brown eyes.“Well I’m not complaining, that doorbell keeps interrupting my movie.” Her father, Nathan, joked. He smiled at his family as he pet their dog, Sebastian. He was named after the lobster in the little mermaid, it was Nichole’s favorite movie as a child.Nathan was a tall man, with pointy features. He had small green eyes and sandy hair. His spitting image was tting next to him on the couch. Hayden, the youngest boy, was almost identical bedes the shaggy hair. The two of them were watching as a killer in a hockey mask chased a man with a tree trimming saw.“Plus we are almost out of candy,” Nichole got up to join her mother and grandmother in the kitchen.“Well go turn off the porch light,” her mom began to cut the orange frosted rice crispy treats into squares.Angelina had long caramel hair that she kept highlighted with shades of blonde. Her hazel eyes were nothing short of breathtaking, and her round features stood out with her hair framing her face.“I got it Angelina,” her grandmother replied as she pulled the popcorn balls out of the refrigerator.Diane resembled Angelina in everyway, but her features were more angled. Her eyes were a deep blue and her hair was a dark chocolate brown.

“Ah, let these rotten kids do something for a change Diane.” Nathan joked.

“Its just a light,” Diane flipped the switch and returned to the kitchen. ‘The snacks are ready Nathan, you should pause the movie.”

Paung the movie he picked up his ten year old son and hauled him to the kitchen table over his shoulder.“Are you sure your ster should be cutting that pumpkin,” Nathan asked his son.

“Dad, she is fine. Ive been paying attention, she is careful.” Dillon had his younger ster in his lap.

Dillon was the perfect mixture of his parents, his face held them both. His eyes were dark blue like Diane, he had his fathers smile and his mothers nose. His hair matched his mothers, and his stocky build was inherited from his grandfather. At his age of seventeen he was as tall as his father.“Okay, are you ready to light the candle?” Dillon asked his five year old ster, Leighton.

“Yeah,” she jumped off his lap and got the candle from the kitchen drawer.For a five year old girl, she was tall. She had her grandmothers hair, her fathers eyes and her mothers face. Running back to the table she gave the candle to her older brother and climbed back into his lap.

Lighting the candle he slowly placed it into the hollow pumpkin, graveyard they had carved out looked spectacular.“Wow honey, that looks nice.” Angelina sat at the table with the treats she made for her family.

“The best pumpkin ive ever seen,” Diane sat in front of Nichole with the popcorn balls.Nichole smiled at her grandmother, who was young for her title. Of all her parents children she looked like her grandmother the most.“Wow you guys, these came out great.” Nathan complemented his wife and mother-in-law.“Why thank you Nathan,” Diane smiled as she grabbed a rice crispy treat.

“Wow mom, these are pretty.” Leighton shouted as she got her square of frosted goodness.

“They really are cool,” Hayden replied with his mouth full.

“Well im glad they are a hit,” Angelina laughed. “So you all enjoyed Halloween this year right? All the haunted houses we did, the movies, the snacks?” She asked her family.

“It was great mom,” Nichole replied.

“Yeah, especially when Grandma got chased by the chainsaw guy.” Dillon joked.

“Very funny Dill, I didn’t see you take your time when the clown started chang you.” Diane joked back.

“She got you there son,” Nathan laughed.

“I don’t like clowns,” Dillon took a bite of the popcorn ball.

“I don’t like chainsaws,” Diane replied with a mouth full of caramel covered popcorn.“Well, I know what will be really scary.” Nichole smiled at her brother.

“Oh yeah, stay here ill be right back.” Dillon lifted his younger ster from his lap and jogged into the hallway.

“What is he getting,” Angelina asked.Her husband shrugged as he wiped his moth, “I have no clue.”

“Probably a spider,” Diane gave her opinion.

“Eww mom, shut up.” Angelina cringed.

“I found this at an antique store the other day, and I figured I would save it for tonight.” Dillon returned with a old, weathered box.

It looked to have been white originally, but over the years the box had turned a dingy cream with custard lines throughout.

“Mystifying Oracle, Learn your future and test your psychic powers.” Angelina read aloud.

“You mean a Ouija Board,” Nathan asked rhetorically.

“Yeah, I figured we could try it out. After all it is Halloween, im sure that helps our chances of it working.” Dillon smiled.

“I don’t think you should play around with that stuff,” Diane took a p of the punch she had in her glass.

“C’mon grandma, its just a board game.” Nichole responded.

“Yeah, bedes even if we contact a ghost, whats a ghost gonna do?” Dillon asked.

“You would be surprised by what you can contact with you ‘board game’,” Diane shook her head.

“Aww grandma come on,” Hayden pleaded.

“Come on mom, its just a board. Its just to scare the kids,” Angelina assured.

“You guys can go ahead and play it, im going to go home.” Diane stood up and took the final p of her punch.

“Awe mom, come on.” Angelina whined.

“Its late honey, and I don’t want to mess around with that stuff.” She grabbed her Tupperware container full of candy and sweets. “My advise, you shouldn’t either.”“Okay mom,” Angelina stood up. “I love you,” she wrapped her arms around her mother.

“Love you too,” Diane proceeded to hug the family as she made her way out of the house. “Ill call you guys tomorrow okay,” she waved once more and got into her vehicle.“Okay, Hayden grab a Jack-O-Lantern.” Dillon ordered his brother.

“Why are you taking them back into the house,” Nathan asked.

“Because, you need candle light to do a séance.” Dillon smiled as he walked past his parents with a lit up pumpkin.

“Are you sure we should be doing this,” Nathan asked his wife.

“Its just a game right, nothing will happen.” She stared at her husband unsure. “Right?”

“Yeah, its just a game.” He smiled and leaned into his wife. Letting his lips graze hers he whispered, “bedes ill protect you if anything happens.”“Yeah,” Angelina asked as she kissed him.

“I promise,” he whispered once more.Clong the front door Nathan made sure to turn the lock, and on his way into the living room turned off the light. As he made his way into the kitchen he could see the orange glow from the jack-o-lanterns. Quietly laughing to himself he shook his head. Angelina was standing next to the refrigerator with the treats they had made, rushing over he grabbed another rice crispy treat.

“I guess ill be making these more often,” Angelina placed them inde and closed the door.

“Yeah, and I want your moms chocolate pie for Thanksgiving.” Nathan sat in front of his wife at the table.

“Oh my God dad, that sounds so good.” Nichole replied.

“Mmhmm,” Nathan responded with a mouth full.

“Are you sure you don’t want to t with me or daddy,” Angelina asked her youngest.

“No, im okay.” Leighton replied.

“Okay,” Angelina smiled.

“Lets do this,” Nathan finished his snack and reached for the box.

Pulling out the instructions he began to read aloud.

“Place the board in the lap of the two players, if playing with a group center in on a table.” He peaked around the stained paper to check the placement of the board. “Place your fingers lightly, yet firmly on the planchette to allow it to move freely. If playing with more than a group of two, only one hand needs to be touching the planchette. Once the communication has started, do not remove your fingers without ending the conversation. If done correctly you can learn the wonders of your future, or even make new friends.” tting the paper down her glanced at his wife, “well that is officially creepy.”Picking up the paper Angelina studied it, and slowly turned it over to check the back.“Beware who you speak to, some spirits only wish to cause harm. In loving memory of Isabella Uley, no longer can I use this board to contact you.” She read the hand written message aloud.

“That’s fucking disturbing,” Nathan stared at his wife.

“Oh, daddy said a bad word.” Leighton’s jaw had dropped.

“Oh,” Nathan covered his mouth realizing his kids were around. “Im sorry honey.”“Its okay daddy, Dillon and Nichole say them all the time.” She smiled.

“Im sure they do,” he gave his oldest children a playfully stern look.

“Okay, lets do this.” Dillon spoke to his family.

“Everyone touch the heart,” Angelina ordered.

The room fell lent, and each family member began to look at the next.“Well who is going to start,” Angelina asked.

“Who should we try to communicate with,” Nichole questioned.

“How about Isabella,” Nathan responded.

Angelina looked at her husband unsure of their actions.

“Isabella Uley, we wish to speak with you.” Dillon began to speak, instantly he caught everyone’s attention.Biting her lip Angelina looked at the board.

“If you can hear us give us a gn,” Dillon continued.

Taking a look around the house Nathan tried to make out any noises, looking back at the table he watched as his wife did the same. Smiling at one another they tried not to laugh.

“We open the portal of the relms and ask to speak to Isabella Uley, if you are with us tell us hello.” Dillon sounded more than convincing.

A pressure entered the room, and the family exchanged glances.

“Im scared,” Leighton cried.

“Shut up, youre going to ruin it.” Dillon barked at his ster.

“Hey, don’t be a dick.” Nathan responded to his son.

Suddenly a scratching sound came from the board, and slowly the planchette moved to the word ‘hello’.

Angelina drew in a breath, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Are we speaking to Isabella Uley,” Dillon asked.

The indicator slowly drug to the word no, caung Angelina to grab her husbands hand.

“Who are we speaking with,” Dillon asked.

Slowly the planchette began to move, stopping at the letter E. Again it began to move, stopping at the letters V, I and L.

“Okay which one of you is doing this,” Angelina asked.

Everyone looked at her, no one answered.“Do you mean us harm,” Dillon asked.

The indicator scratched its way to the word yes.

Leighton began to cry, and Nathan wrapped his free arm around her.

“Dillon this needs to stop, quit playing youre scaring your ster.” Nathan demanded.

Dillon swallowed, “What do you want?”

The pressure was getting heavier by the moment, and Nichole had tears forming in her eyes. Angelina’s spine was tingling, and it was hard to breath. The planchette twitched. In the distance you could hear a faint scratching, slowly the family began to turn their attention in its direction. With the dim lighting, they couldn’t make anything out.The indicator began to move, slower than before, and stopped on the A. The scratching noise got louder, as they turned to check once more the indicator moved again. G. Nathan took a deep breath and looked at his wife, hoping she was playing a joke. O, the letter stopped once more. N, the indicator twitched.Suddenly the pantry door slammed against the refrigerator, the broom and swifter fell to the floor. Nichole and Angelina screamed out loud, Dillon reached for his younger blings, and Nathan ran for the lights. Sebastian was standing in the doorway trying to get into his bag of food.“Well,” Nathan laughed. “We know what it wanted.”

The family began to laugh, and the mood began to change. the pressure however seemed to stay.“Damn you Sebastian,” Angelina playfully teased.

“That was a fail,” Nichole laughed at her brother. “You had me going though, you ass.” She punched him in his arm.

“Hey I wasn’t doing anything,” he replied holding his arm.

“Sure you weren’t Dill,” Nathan ruffled his son’s hair. “Lets get these kiddos to bed, its late.”As the family began to make their way to their rooms Leighton stopped, and quickly ran back into the kitchen. Coming around the corner she was holding the board against her torso. The planchette was in her hand, and the board almost covered her entire body.

“We forgot the board,” she said to her father.

“You really want to sleep with that thing in your room,” he asked.

“Im going to put it in my closet, that way its safe.” She smiled at him.

“Okie dokie,” he lifted his daughter off the floor.Pulling out her night clothes from the dresser as she brushed her teeth he waited in her room. Once she returned he began to help her get dressed, he then placed the Ouija board in her closet. Angelina opened the door, and walked over to her daughters bed.

“Night sweetie pie,” she bent down and kissed her forehead.

“Night mommy,” she replied.

“Night baby girl,” Nathan began kisng her neck and tickling her stomach.

The sound of laughter filled the room.

“Night daddy,” Leighton pulled her hair out of her face. “Love you,” she spoke in a sweet and delicate voice.

“Love you too,” her parents said in unison.

Clong the door to her daughters room Angelina began to follow her husband down the hallway. Playfully she slapped him on his bottom.“Hey now,” he replied. “Don’t start what you don’t want to finish,” he teased.

“Who said I didn’t want to finish it?” Angelina smiled at her husband before peaking into her youngest sons room. “Hey,” she quickly opened the door startling him.

“Mom you scared me,” Hayden was out of breath.

“That’s probably because you are playing video games when I told you to get to bed.” Walking over to his dresser she pulled out a pair of pajamas. “Here,” she placed them on his bed.

“Mom, five more minutes.” He started his ritual pleading.

“You had five minutes nce I told you to get ready to go to sleep,” she pulled him by his belt loop towards her.

“But it took five minutes just to start turn on the TV, turn on the X-Box, find what game I wanted, put it in, then start the game. I barely got to play,” he pouted.

“Well you should choose a different form of entertainment that didn’t have a five minute start time,” she began pulling off his shirt.

“I can do it myself,” he sounded embarrassed.“Well youre not acting like it, bedes your ten. You don’t have anything to hide yet. Give it a few more years,” she stood up and waited for him to change.

“What does that mean,” he questioned as he pulled up his pajama bottoms.

“You’ll know in a few more years,” she smiled. “Did you brush your teeth?”

“Yeah,” he lied.

“When,” she asked him.

“Just a minute ago,” he jumped onto his bed.

“Is this before of after the video games,” she asked.

He raised his arms gnifying he wasn’t sure.

“Okay you little liar, go brush your teeth.” Angelina popped him on his bottom jokingly.“Okay, okay.” Hayden walked away smiling.

Watching as he walked into the restroom she realized Dillon was already in there.

“Hey Dill, make sure he brushes his teeth.” She asked as she watched her son shave his cheek. “And no video games,” Angelina smiled at her two sons.

“Okay mom,” Dillon looked down at his brother has he reached for his toothbrush.Hayden’s arm grazed Dillon’s stomach, and he could feel the hair trailing from his belly button.

“Why do you have hair there Dill,” Hayden asked as he lifted his shirt and rubbed.

“Like I said, give it a few more years.” Angelina joked, “Thanks Dill, goodnight.”“Night mom, he yelled.

“Love you,” Angelina yelled back.“Night mom,” Nichole said as her mom passed by.

“Goodnight baby,” she smiled at her beautiful daughter.

Walking into her room Angelina watched as her husband pulled off his shirt.

“So where were we,” she asked.

“Where would you like to be,” Nathan asked with a raised eyebrow.

His question brought a smile to her face.

“Well lets see,” slowly she closed the door.

Walking over to Nathan she ran her hands down his muscled torso, gently he kissed her. Playfully she bit his lip and unbuttoned her pants.

“We’ll have to be quiet,” he whispered to her.

“Im fine with that,” she stuck her fingers inde his elastic band and pulled his pants and underwear off multaneously.With a cocky smile he grunted, and lifted her off her feet.** * * *

“Did you lock the front door,” Angelina asked her husband as he came back from their restroom.

“I don’t remember,” he stopped.

“Well here,” she tossed him his boxer briefs.

Smiling he pulled them up and made his way out of the room. Opening Dillon’s door he checked in. He was asleep. Peaking inde Nichole’s room he seen she was also asleep. Walking into Hayden’s room he realized his TV was still on, he had fallen asleep playing video games. Laughing to himself he turned off the system and tucked his boy in. Checking on Leighton he quietly peaked in, sure enough she was sound asleep. Making his way into the living room a cold breeze hit his bare chest, the front door was wide open. Turning on the light he searched the front of his house. With no one in ght he turned off the lights, closed the front door and twisted the lock. As he attempted to walk away he heard a click, stopping him in his tracks. Looking around the dark room he swallowed back any doubts in his search. Turning he seen the front door was unlocked. Taking a step forward he touched the lock, and slowly turned it once more. Letting go he took a look out of the peephole, no one was in ght.Backing away slowly he kept his eyes on the lock, making sure it wasn’t going to twist again. After a few moments he turned around, his heart stopped as his eyes stopped on a shadow standing in front of him.“Leighton what the hell are you doing up, I thought you were asleep.” He squatted down to her level.

“It keeps talking,” she rubbed her eyes.

“What are you talking about baby,” he brushed her hair out of her face.

“The board, it keeps talking.” She stared at him.

“You had a nightmare didn’t you,” he picked his daughter up from the floor. “I knew we shouldn’t have let you t at the table,” he opened her door. Gently he placed her in her bed and turned on her night light. “Does this make it better,” he asked.

“Yeah,” she grinned. ‘Im sorry for scaring you daddy,” Snuggling with one of her teddy bears she looked at him.

“Don’t worry sweatheart,” he opened the closet door and pulled the board out. “Get some sleep,” he kissed her forehead and closed the door over.

* * * * *

Waking from her sleep Nichole checked her alarm clock, it was two in the morning. Grunting to herself she tossed her head back into her pillow. Attempting to fall back asleep she laid in lence. The sound of faint whispering could be heard from outde her door. Slowly tting up she listened more intently, hearing the whispering continue she rose to her feet. Carefully she made her way to her door, hetantly she reached for the handle. Turning it slowly she managed to avoid the loud clicking of the handle, slowly opening the door she peaked her head out. All the lights were off, none of the rooms had even the slightest bit of light. Looking down the hallway she could see the closet door was open, taking a step forward she made sure to not make any noise. Steadily pushing the door closed she could see her younger ster huddled over something. The room lit up momentarily and she could see the Ouija board on the floor beneath her ster, the planchette moving.Hearing her ster whispering to the board she took a breath, hearing the wind pick up she took a glance out of the window. Lighting stuck once more, and she could see as large raindrops began to hit the ground. Turning her attention back towards her ster she let out a small scream. Leighton was standing close to her, staring at her. With no light it was hard to make out her face, the ght was nothing short of unsettling.“Leighton what are you doing,” Nichole took a shaky step forward.“The board wanted to talk,” Leighton replied in a monotone.“Baby, the board cant talk.” Nichole stooped down to her sters level.

As the lighting flashed once more the spirit responble for the indicator moving could see them more clearly. Standing in the dark shadows behind the girls it stared at them, and its pale sunken in face disappeared back into the darkness.

“Come on, come sleep with me.” Nichole gathered the board and planchette and lifted her ster.Carelessly she tossed the board into the hallway closet and made her way back to her room. Completely unaware of the heinous being standing behind them.
JohnCorley92 Friday 11/09/2012 at 03:09 AM | 97695
This is interesting, i cant wait to read chapter two
JakeRyan95 Friday 11/16/2012 at 08:03 PM | 97814
Its nice to see a previous reader reading another story of mine! Thanks bro
JohnCorley92 Monday 1/21/2013 at 04:46 AM | 97916
I just finished reading Chapter one. I like it very much! It is nice and dark in here and I could feel the eerie vibes s I read. Creepy stuff. You're the master JC. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the chapters.
wabisabi333 Saturday 2/02/2013 at 06:34 AM | 99944
I just finished reading Chapter one. I like it very much! It is nice and dark in here and I could feel the eerie vibes s I read. Creepy stuff. You're the master JC. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the chapters.

Thank you r!! Each chapter is going to get progresvely worse =p I should have Chapter 5 done by this week
JohnCorley92 Tuesday 3/05/2013 at 05:18 AM | 99952
Chapter 8 is on its way
JohnCorley92 Monday 4/29/2013 at 05:20 AM | 100795