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"Ouija" -Original Story- Chapter Two

Chapter Two

“Good morning Mrs. Reese,” Nathan kissed his wife on her forehead as her eyes began to open.

“Good morning Mr. Reese,” Angelina smiled.“Would you care to take a shower with me,” He asked as her kissed her hand.

“I would love to,” she giggled.tting up she realized she had slept naked, grabbing the covers she lifted them to her bust.“Don’t worry, the door is closed. Plus the kids have about forty five minutes before their alarms go off,” Nathan handed her a clean pair of undergarments.For an instant it felt like they were twenty again, no kids, all alone. Having the luxury of sleeping naked isn’t included in parenthood, and it was surpring they weren’t woken up by Leighton this morning. Watching her equally naked husband walk into their bathroom, she listened to the birds chirp outde her window. The sun seeped in through the crack in the sage colored curtains. The lence was interrupted by the sound of rushing water, biting her lip she smiled. Today was going to be a great day. Slowly she got to her feet and met her husband in their shower. The water was the perfect temperature, and it was a lovely way to wake up their senses.“So your daughter scared the hell out of me last night,” Nathan started the conversation as he ran his hands over his wife’s wet body.

“Oh yeah,” Angelina replied. “Why was that,” she leaned into him feeling his body against hers.

“Well,” he reached for their loofah. “I checked on the kids before I locked the door,” He lathered it up with her body wash. “They were all asleep,” he began to rub the sponge across her skin. “But when I locked the door, she was standing behind me as I turned around.”

Angelina laughed, “Why was she awake?”

“She said, ‘The board kept talking’.” Nathan waited for his wife’s input.

“You think the séance gave her nightmares,” Angelina asked,

“Yeah, that’s what I told her.” He pulled on his wife’s shoulder turning her towards him. “So I took the board out of her room, and turned on her night light.” He handed her the loofah.

“Im surprised she didn’t climb in bed with us,” Angelina began scrubbing her husbands back.

“I know, but she didn’t seem scared of it.” Nathan turned to face his wife. “More shocking news, our son fell asleep playing video games last night.” Nathan raised his eyebrow.

“Damn him,” Angelina smiled. “I told him not to turn it back on.”

“Its horrible having hoodlums for children,” He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her lips to his.

After their relaxing shower the couple began their day. Nathan started the coffee, and let the dog out for a bathroom break. Angelina laid out clothes for the two youngest, and realizing her daughter wasn’t in her bed she made her way into the restroom. Still Leighton was nowhere to be found, opening her oldest sons door she watched as he tossed shirtless in his sheets. Leaving his door open she checked Nichole’s room, lying under her arm was her youngest daughter. Walking over to the bed she touched her daughter’s forehead to make sure she wasn’t ck. Feeling to be at a normal temperature Angelina bit the inde of her lip. Walking out of the room she made her way back into the kitchen.

“Why did Leighton sleep with Nichole last night?” Angelina opened the refrigerator door.

“I dunno, I put her back in her bed last night.” Nathan handed her a cup of coffee.Taking a p she stared at her options for breakfast, “pancakes with eggs?” She turned towards her husband, “Or biscuits and gravy?”

“Pancakes would be eaer,” Nathan replied.

The distant sound of alarm clocks filled the air as Angelina began to mix the batter for the pancakes. They could hear their children as they began to start their daily routine,“Flush one,” Nathan murmured.

Rubbing his eyes, Hayden came into the kitchen.

“Morning dad,” he spoke in a raspy voice.

“Morning son,” Nathan smiled as he took a p of his coffee.

“Flush two,” Angelina thought out loud.

Coming into ght Dillon began sliding on a t-shirt.

“What’s for breakfast,” He asked.

“Pancakes and eggs,” Angelina replied.

tting at the table the two boys began to pat down their hair.

“Our children are so beautiful in the morning,” Nathan joked. “Flush three.”

Rushing into the kitchen Leighton ran up to her mother, grabbing hold of her legs she smiled.

“Morning mommy,” she looked up at Angelina.

“Morning honey,” Angelina ran her hand over her daughter’s hair.

Just as quickly as she attached herself to her mother, she was attached to her father.

“Morning daddy,” she held on tight to his legs.

“Good morning gorgeous,” he lifted her onto the counter.

“Are we having pancakes,” the youngest daughter asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Angelina replied.

“Good,” Leighton turned her attention towards her blings. “You guys are ugly in the morning,” her face was twisted with disgust.

Her parents laughed.

“You be nice,” Nathan poked her de.

“Flush four,” Angelina sat a plate full of pancakes on the table.

Pulling her hair up into a ponytail, Nichole walked into the room.“Did you guys hear the storm last night,” She asked.

“No, I didn’t know there was one.” Her mother sat a bowl of scrambled eggs next to the pancakes.“That’s probably why she wasn’t in her bed,” Nathan spoke softly towards his wife.

“Who, Leighton?” Nichole asked?

“Yeah,” Angelina replied.

“No, I caught her in the living room last night.” Nichole took a bite of a pancake.

“Why were you in the living room sweetie,” Angelina asked as she poured Leighton a glass of milk.

“The board,” She stated innocently as she took a bite off her pancake.

“What do you mean the board sweetie,” Her mother placed the milk in front of her.

“It wanted to talk to me,” She stated bluntly.

“Listen honey,” Angelina stooped down. “That board cant talk to you, its just wood. Everything that happened last night was just for fun, none of it was real.” She stared into her daughters eyes trying to make her understand.Nichole looked around the table at her other blings, it was apparent Hayden wasn’t even paying attention. Dillon was slowly chewing his food as he listened, and her father had a concerned look on his face.

“Okay mommy,” she smiled.

Letting out a lent laugh of relief Angelina got to her feet, “Okay. Hurry up and finish your food so we can get ready for school.” She patted Leighton on her knee, “You can take the car today Dillon.”“Cool mom,” he smiled.

“Well im going to get ready for work,” Nathan grinned at his wife.

Taking a bite of her breakfast Angelina sat the plate back on the counter, taking a p of her coffee she followed her husband.Walking into the hallway Nathan realized the space was occupied by the open closet door. Shutting it he continued into his room.

“That Ouija board really got to her,” he stated as he took off his shirt.

“I know, I didn’t think it would have that affect on her.” Angelina closed the bedroom door.

“Im sure she will forget about it once she gets to school,” he assured her as he pulled a tank top out of his drawer.

“Yeah im sure she will too,” his wife sat on the bed.

“Are you going to miss me,” he bent down and kissed her pasonately.

Laughing she fell back onto her pillow, “Of course.”

She watched as he walked into their restroom.

“I cant wait till Thanksgiving break, when the kids go vit your mom for a few days.” He walked back out with his dress shirt buttoned, fixing his tie. “Then what happened last night, can happen every night.” He ran his hand up his Angelina’s thigh until he grazed her womanhood.

Letting her hand travel up his leg she reached his groin area, instantly he moved away.

“Hey now,” he smiled at her.

Both of them shared a laugh.

“You know, maybe she was right.” Angelina watched as he slid his pants up his legs.

“Who’s that,” Nathan asked,

“My mom, maybe we shouldn’t have played with that stupid board.” She looked into his eyes through the reflection in the mirror.

“Maybe, but we cant change that now.” He sat next to her and began putting on his shoes.

“You’re right,” she ran her hand up his back as she sat up. “Im gonna go check on the kiddos,” she kissed his neck as she got off the bed.

“Hayden, Leighton, come brush your teeth.” Angelina walked out of room and began peaking into her children’s.Dillon was stuffing his laptop into his backpack, and Nichole was perfecting the waves in her hair. Opening Hayden’s door she could see he was still misng a shoe, his hair wasn’t brushed, yet he was playing video games. Taking a step forward she switched off his system.

“Mom, no!” He yelled. “That’s not fair,” he whined in disappointment.

“Its not fair that you didn’t listen to me, or that you arent dressed.” She picked up his misng shoe and handed it to him. “Or how about that you still played your video games last night, after I told you not to.”

Taking the shoe he gave an understand, and remorseful face.

“Im sorry,” he exhaled.

Trying to stay stern Angelina mply replied, “Go brush your teeth.” She hid her smile as he looked up at her.

Following him out of his room she began to look for Leighton, checking her room she could see the clothes she laid out were gone. Walking towards the living room she noticed the closet door was open again, shutting it she continued into the kitchen. Leighton was tting in her seat at the table, fully dressed and eating the rest of her breakfast.“Did you brush your teeth,” Angelina asked with a smile.

“Uh huh,” Leighton smiled wide so her mother could see her clean teeth.

“Do you want to buy lunch today, or do you want me to make you a PB&J?” Angelina asked her daughter.

“PB&J,” Leighton grinned.

Pulling the bread from the cabinet she checked the clock.

“Hurry up guys,” she called to her kids.

“Are you ready,” Nichole asked her ster as she walked into the room.

“Is Hayden brushing his teeth,” Angelina asked.

“Yeah,” Nichole answered.

“Do you want a sandwich or are you just going to buy lunch,” She asked.

“Ill just buy lunch today mom,” Nichole replied.

“How about you,” Angelina asked as Hayden entered the room.

“No, today is pizza day.” He answered honestly.

Agreeing with his decion Angelina nodded to herself.

“Okay mom,” Dillon gave his mom a kiss on the cheek.

“Be safe,” she tossed Leighton’s sandwich into her lunch box. “I love you guys,” she pulled her two youngest in for a hug. “Have a good day.”

“Bye kids,” Nathan entered the living room.

“Bye mom, bye dad.” Nichole said as she closed the door.

“Well babe, now its just gonna be you.” Nathan kissed his wife.

“Good, this house needs some cleaning.” She kissed him back.

Grabbing his keys off the counter he leaned in once more for a kiss.

“I love you,” he started for the door.

“I love you too,” she watched as he disappeared from the window.

Walking over to the back door she peaked through the window, Sebastian was running along the fence with the neighbor’s dog. Figuring he needed some exercise for the day she decided to let him stay outde. Planning to start the deconstruction of the decoration outde Angelina headed for her bedroom. Clong the hallway door she continued into her room, grabbing her light and cozy sweater she stopped at her night stand. Pulling her phone off the charger, she placed it into her pocket. Grabbing a hair tie off her dresser she began pulling it back as she started out of the room. Stopping in her tracks she stared ahead, again the closet door was open.Holding her breath she tried listening for a noise, bedes the low hum of the heater her house was lent. Slowly taking a step forward she prolonged the interaction with the door. Reaching forward she pulled it open further than it already was. Stooping down she looked at the socket, running her finger along the metal she attempted to feel for any looseness. Standing up she closed the door, hearing the click she tried pulling it open without turning the handle. The door didn’t budge.Clearing her throat she took a step away, and shook the thought from her mind. Opening the front door she felt the soft breeze graze her skin. Not knowing where to start she walked over to the outlet, and pulled the cords from the wall. Crouching down she began to pull the trail of pumpkin lights traveling up the walkway out of the ground. Wrapping the cord around their poles as she went she realized this was going to be over quicker than she thought. Pulling the last one from the ground she gathered the bunch, and placed them on the porch swing. Walking over to her bushes she started pulling the net of lights from the leaves.“Why good morning Angelina,” an old and shaky voice came from behind her.

Turning around she smiled, her older neighbor was standing outde with her small dog.

“Good morning Mrs. Delany,” Slowly she walked her way.

“How was your Halloween,” the frail woman asked.

“It was fun, my mother came over. We made treats for the kids and watched movies.” Angelina continued folding the blanket of lights.

“Oh, was she the woman I saw last night?” Mrs. Delany asked.

“Yeah,” Angelina smiled.

“She must have trouble sleeping like I do,” she responded with a grin.

“Why do you say that,” Angelina asked as she held the lights together.

“I saw her walking around your house all night,” the elderly woman smiled.

Angelina’s heart sank, she could feel the hair stand up all over her body. Swallowing back the lump in her throat she took a breath.

“All night,” She asked.

“Yeah, she looked miserable. I have stuff to help her sleep if she ever needs it.” Mrs. Delany was trying to be helpful.

“Ill tell her you offered,” Angelina faked a happy expreson.

“Well I am off to see my grandchildren, I will see you later Angelina.” Mrs. Delany waved as she turned towards her car.Watching as her neighbor lifted her small dog into the car, Angelina took a deep breath. What the hell was she talking about? Turning towards her house she watched, taking a few steps she reached the window directly across from her neighbor’s. Studying her living room she waited, maybe she could catch what her neighbor had seen. Her mind began racing as she watched, what if there was someone in her house last night. After minutes of watching she convinced herself to walk away.Picking up the decorations from her porch, Angelina hauled the load into her house. Making her way to the attic she slowly pulled down the door, climbing the ladder she stopped half way up. Something inde her wanted to look at the closet door. Hetantly turning her head she drew in a deep breath, to her relief it was still closed. Her heart started to slow, and realizing she was overreacting she continued into the attic. Gabbing hold of the tote, Angelina made her way back down to the floor. Tosng the decorations into the bin to be put away until next year, she lifted the bin back into the attic.Walking into the kitchen, she took notice of the pumpkins. Opening the garage door, she hauled the large trash can into the house. One by one she hauled the heavy jack-o-lanterns over to the large bin. It was bittersweet to be tosng the pumpkins into the garbage, after all they put a lot of effort into them. She was glad however that Halloween was over, and she could shake the memory of the séance from her psyche. Dragging the large bin back into the garage, she threw away the atmosphere of Halloween. Clong the door behind her she stopped, the séance began to play back in her head. She was sure Dillon was the mastermind behind the entire thing. Even with it being disturbing, she couldn’t help but be proud of him.

Plugging her phone into the stereo system in the kitchen, Angelina turned her muc onto shuffle. The speakers began to play a pop song of the early 90’s. Instantly it brought a smile to her face. Walking into the living room she stopped and looked in the mirror, she could still see her younger self. Walking over to the accent table by the window she bent over, opening the drawer she pulled out the lighter. Picking up the berry scented candle, she began to light the wick. Placing it back on the wood surface she admired how much light it let off.Looking up she glanced out her living room window. A man in a navy blue pullover was stopped in front of the house. Catching her breath from his startling presence, she realized her blinds were open. Looking around the room she realized what he was staring at. Her televion could be seen from the window, as well as many other expenve belongings. Pulling the wooden blinds until they closed she let out a breath of disapproval. Annoyed she pulled her curtains together with anger, suddenly the room was much darker. Being overly cautious she began to close the other two windows located in the room. If the man couldn’t see inde, perhaps he wouldn’t know who was with her. Hiding the fact she was alone, with valuable things only made sense. Taking a step back she watched as the candle flickered, the room began to smell of berries. Enjoying the last few minutes of the scent before starting on the dishes, she looked around her living room. It was the moments she had by herself that she was able to be thankful for everything she had.

As the muc started to fade, the other sounds started to pour into her ears. A faint footstep could be heard from the kitchen. Taking a look behind her, she could see only the room. Determined to not let the thoughts back into her mind, she chose to ignore the sound. Walking away from the kitchen, she began to ng along to the muc. Walking into each bedroom she began to gather any dishes, to her relief they were all cups. Looking around Dillon’s room she felt her face twist, a cup was tting on his nightstand. From under the blanket she could see the edge of a plate, placing the other four cups next to the new discovery she knelt to the floor.Lifting his sheet she began to look through his junk, to her surprise only the one plate was to be found. Feeling her hand graze a magazine, she jerked away. She was certain she saved herself from a paper cut. Pulling the magazine out from the darkness she raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t shocking to find a pornographic magazine under a seventeen year old boy’s bed. A gay one however, took her by surprise.Flipping through the pages she found her self agreeing with the looks of most of the men.

“At least he has good taste,” she quietly joked with herself.Placing the magazine back under his bed, she bit her lip. This was going to be an awkward conversation. It would probably be best to talk to him without Nathan first, just so she could make him feel comfortable about the tuation. There was no doubt in her mind that her husband would be supportive. They had talked before on the posbility. They both agreed that no matter what, they loved their kids.Picking up the plate and glasses she made her way back into the hallway, stopping instantly she focused on holding the dishes. Again the closet door was open, becoming annoyed at the ght she stepped forward. Shoving her hip into the wood she listened as the door closed. Determined not to let this work on her nerves, Angelina walked into the kitchen. Placing the dishes on the nk, she started running the dish water. Opening the dishwasher she pulled out the first rack, quickly she started to place the dirty dishes into the water to soak.Another song started to play from the speakers, and instantly Angelina turned up the volume. nging along louder than before she started to scrub the dishes. Getting all the excess food and dried liquids from the surfaces, she started to lose herself to the muc. One by one she placed the dishes into the rack.What sounded like a bomb going off behind her made her instantly turn around. Reaching for the volume, she lowered it. Waiting for the sound to reoccur she sat motionless. After a few moments of lence she began to focus on the dishes once more. Leaving the muc at a low volume, she quietly sang to herself. Filling up the dishwasher she loaded in the soap, closed the compartment and shut the door. Turning the heavy-duty setting on she listened as the washer sprung to life. Hearing the loud, bomb like sound again she jerked around. In the reflection of the living room mirror she could see as someone walked through the candle light.Grasping her mouth, she lently squealed in fear. Reaching for the knife set on her counter, Angelina pulled the biggest blade she had from its sheath. Somehow that man must have gotten into her house. Pulling her phone from the stereo system she quietly took a step forward, the knife was pointed outwards. She was ready to attack. Each step felt like an eternity, and each breath seemed to take more out of her than giving birth.With her eyes fixed in the mirror, she made her way to the doorway. Feeling as a tear started to fall from her eye, she stopped. Her limbs were shaking, and skin was crawling. Her thoughts were racing, if she couldn’t fight him off, what was he going to do to her. Preparing herself she peaked around the corner, to her surprise the room was empty. Her jaw dropped in disbelief, swiftly she walked to the couch. Looking over the micro-fiber she stopped, no one was in the room. Wiping the tears away, Angelina made her way around the couch. Exhausted, she plumped down.What was wrong with her, was her mind playing tricks on her? Watching as the candle light danced on the wall she shook her head, it was probably the shadows she seen move. Looking over at the doorway, she studied the kitchen wall.Without warning a frail, dangerously thin person stepped into her ght. It had shaggy hair, pointy features, and its skin was an earthy grey, It was as if the color had been drained from the being, even its clothes were faded. The entire being was nothing more than dull, dirt like tones. Its hair was matted, and damp. She couldn’t tell the gender, as it wasn’t human like. After what felt like an eternity, what walked passed her doorway was gone.Her eyes were streaming with lent tears, drawing a breath was just short of imposble. Her thoughts were, running together. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Angelina lifted the knife and ran into the kitchen. Gripping the wall she steadied herself, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Her knees were weak, her heart was racing. Standing in front of her, was nothing. Walking over to the farthest counter, she touched the surface. Was she dreaming? Tosng the knife onto the counter she began to cry, what was happening? She knew she had seen someone, twice. She knew something walked in front of her doorway, as sure as she stood in her kitchen.Turning around she looked around her kitchen, still no one was with her. Looking into the hallway she screamed. Again the closet door was open. Holding her heart she took a step forward, instantly the rooms atmosphere changed. She could feel the pressure from the previous night, and the temperature seemed to drop. Light footsteps could be heard all around her, and she could feel the air brush her skin as something moved next to her. Hearing the footsteps quicken her heart almost gave out, and with a loud bang the closet door slammed shut.Gathering her senses, Angelina darted for the door. Falling against the heavy metal door, she tried turning the handle. Pulling herself to her feet she began to unlock the door, still her fingers couldn’t move quick enough. Finally hearing the heavy click of the deadbolt, she jerked the door open. Racing out onto her yard she fell. Finally able to breath she cried out, and her breaths were spastic. Pulling her phone out from her pocket she dialed Nathans number. Feeling the heavy breeze against her skin, she started to calm down.

“Hello,” He answered.“Nathan,” she screamed.

“Baby, what’s wrong.” His tone instantly changed.

“I dunno,” she began to control her cries.

“Baby, calm down.” Nathan tried sounding comforting.She started to breath slower, and found herself taking steps. Walking around to the right de of her house she stopped, peering in through an open bedroom window she closed her eyes.

“Do I need to come home,” Nathan asked concerned.

“No,” Angelina gathered herself. “I scared myself, I thought I saw someone.”

“What do you mean you thought,” Nathan sounded worried again.

“There was a man, and he was looking into the living room. I closed the curtains and everything, then I thought I saw someone in the kitchen.” She wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Angelina, are you sure.” He was stern.

“Yeah, im sure. I think Nichole left her window open this morning, the breeze caused the closet door to slam. That’s what scared me,” she tried sounding convincing.

“Okay, if anything happens you call me back. I will be home as soon as I can.” He still sounded worried.

She regretted calling him, it wasn’t her intention to have him worry about her all day.

“Okay,” she took a deep breath and started for the front door.Seeing some of the neighbors watching, she felt insecure.“I love you,” he reminded her.

“I love you too,” she replied.

Ending the call she held on to the phone, gripping the support beam she stepped onto her porch. Clong her eyes she took a step into the house, carefully she listened. Clong the door behind her, she opened the curtains. She didn’t want any darkness in the house anymore.
JohnCorley92 Friday 11/16/2012 at 06:02 AM | 97799
This is quite the page turner...even with there being no pages

Its nice and creepy, you have me hooked.
JakeRyan95 Friday 11/16/2012 at 08:59 PM | 97819
Ha, thank you for the potve reaction! Im glad you find it creepy =) Ill have more up soon, but i have family viting and dont really have the time to write more at the moment!
JohnCorley92 Monday 1/21/2013 at 04:48 AM | 97917
Oh man JC, you know how to build up the fear. Ouija boards have always freaked me out. I like reading your stuff in the dark. I read Chapter one, and it was really good, and now I just finished this one. I felt Angelina's fear. I felt Nathan's fear from his wife's phone call. Great work! It goes without saying, I'm excited to read Chapter three. Scary material.
wabisabi333 Monday 2/04/2013 at 01:25 AM | 99967
Oh man JC, you know how to build up the fear. Ouija boards have always freaked me out. I like reading your stuff in the dark. I read Chapter one, and it was really good, and now I just finished this one. I felt Angelina's fear. I felt Nathan's fear from his wife's phone call. Great work! It goes without saying, I'm excited to read Chapter three. Scary material.

Thank you my friend!! It excites me that you can put yourself in their shoes, and really get into the tuation ;) Chapter 3 is a tad shocking...and im warning you...its only going to get worse ;)
JohnCorley92 Tuesday 3/05/2013 at 05:19 AM | 99972
Chapter 8 is on the way
JohnCorley92 Monday 4/29/2013 at 05:21 AM | 100796