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Neve Campbell Talks About Returning To Scream

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The SCREAM films are sacred ground for sure. When the first one hit back in the day, it gave hope to a declining interest in Horror. Wes Craven resurrected the genre in a new and exciting way, which inspired many similar type films. Not to mention three sequels of it’s own, as well as an MTV series.

Neve Campbell is no doubt the face of SCREAM, and recently while the actress was promoting her new film SKYSCRAPER she was asked about possibly returning to the franchise and replied:

“Well you know I think it would be challenging because Wes Craven passed away and he was the reason those movies were so good. I mean obviously Kevin Williamson wrote brilliant scripts but you know Wes was the heart of the thing and he was what kept the dynamic consistent. I think it would be difficult to work with another director. But you never know, you never know.”

No doubt it would never be the same without Craven leading the charge. Who knows if one day in the future an upcoming filmmaker steps up and gives the SCREAM movie franchise new life. In the meantime the upcoming rebooted MTV SCREAM series will have to do for now.
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