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John Carpenter Is Wanting To Score The Next HALLOWEEN Film!

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Those of you that feel that there might not be another HALLOWEEN film, think again. The movie did really well at the box office and it is almost a certainty that another installment will be coming, but would John Carpenter be involved?

Carpenter wrote and directed the original 1978 HALLOWEEN film, and he recently returned to his beloved franchise to create the score for the new film. As for Carpenter returning for the next movie, he was recently interviewd by Consequence of Sound and was asked if he would come back to score the next film.

He replied:

"We’ll be ready. We’ve all talked about it. We’ll be ready."

If you have seen HALLOWEEN 2018 you know that one of the major elements to that film was the incredible score. Only time will tell as to how a possible follow up will play out.

We will keep you updated on this story as we hear it.
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