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First Look At Bigfoot From Upcoming Action/Horror Flick NO MAN'S RIDGE!

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If you enjoy a great Bigfoot tale, then you should take note of a project going on from writer/director/producer Eric Red along with actor/producer John Fallon titled NO MAN'S RIDGE. The movie looks to bring a lot of action packed Bigfoot fun. The film is currently being put together and still has some shooting left, so look for this one to arrive sometime in the new year.

NO MAN'S RIDGE stars Nick Principe, Marc Natoli as Jack and John Fallon as Ray.

Robert Kurtzman produces and supervises the Special Makeup Effects. Producer and Special Makeup Effects Designer is Steve Johnson. John Fallon and Meredith Red also produce while Berge Garabedian is Executive Producer on the picture.

Line Drive Productions, Bruise Productions Inc and JoBlo Movie Productions are collectively behind the project.


"A helicopter soars over the forests in the remote Wyoming wilderness of No Man’s Ridge area. Inside are five heavily armed and formidable hunters all dressed in militarized camouflage fatigues and face paint. They have state-of-the-art high-powered rifles, heavy caliber handguns, crossbows and hunting gear. The extreme hunters are there to bag a Bigfoot— the ultimate hunt for the ultimate trophy. The hunters wear hat cams with compact high-resolution HD cameras to record the hunt. They also have gun cams for their rifle barrels, bow cams and portable trail cameras to put on trees. In the far reaches of the wilds, the people are dropped from the hovering chopper by cable into deep forest, fifty miles from civilization. When the five hunters see an actual giant Bigfoot walking through the woods a half-mile away, it seems like the creature doesn’t have a chance—but it’s the other way around."

Look for NO MAN'S RIDGE to arrive sometime in 2019.
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