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Update On THE COLLECTOR 3 Within!

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The minds behind SAW, Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton also brought us THE COLLECTOR and THE COLLECTION. While the news of a third film has been quiet since the release of the second film back in 2012, it has been revealed that a third entry is moving forward.

Josh Stewart, who plays the lead character of Arkin in THE COLLECTOR films, revealed the first teaser poster for THE COLLECTOR 3 (see above), which seemingly confirmed that the anticipated sequel is moving forward. He added the caption "Lock the door". Patrick Melton also shared the teaser poster on his Twitter account.

It has now been confirmed that Marcus Dunstan will direct THE COLLECTOR 3 (and based on the poster, Dunstan and Melton will be writing the screenplay as well).

At this point there are no plot details at this time. For those unfamiliar with the films, the first movie (released in 2009) starred Josh Stewart as Arkin, an ex-convict who turns to his old ways of thievery to save his family from a loan shark, only to have his burglary interrupted by a sadistic serial killer known as The Collector, who abducts one person from every group of victims he kills.

Released in 2012, The Collection featured Arkin joining a group of mercenaries on a mission to rescue a young woman from The Collector's lair in the deserted Hotel Argento, a living nightmare of human experimentation and mind-bending (and body-twisting) torture.

Back in 2016 Dunstan said of a third THE COLLECTOR film:

"There's potentially a third Collector film all the time. Every now and then it gets floated. We know the story that we would like to tell. Everybody's game to come back and do it. At this point it's just getting the right budget to deliver. That's the other thing our experience has taught us, "Yeah. We've had a chance to make a Collector movie for a modest amount," but in our heart of hearts we know that the movie wouldn't have a chance to live up to where it should or ideally be the stimulus that it should. The Neighbor brought us all together and put us in the trenches again, working, working, working, and the result is the best collaboration we've had yet. It's re-sparked and intensified the fire to want to give that one a proper last knock-down, drag-out, burn-it-all finale that could really honor all the effort and really also be a wonderful hug to the serendipity of all these friends coming together to try to give some people in the world a good scare."

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