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Details For ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game Are Within!

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Tabletop roleplaying games have really grown in mainstream popularity due to many factors. The increase in popularity of board games, and it's inclusion in mainstream entertainment such as STRANGER THINGS have all given a breath of fresh air to the world of tabletop RPGs. This has helped bring some anticipated new games to the shelf, and get ready for the upcoming Alien: The Roleplaying Game from Free League Publishing.

Players will create characters in the universe of the Alien film franchise - blue collar workers just trying to earn their keep and stay alive in a cutthroat universe of both literal and corporate monsters. The game is based on the “Year Zero” RPG system, which is used in other popular RPGs like Mutant: Year Zero and Tales from the Loop. This system only uses a variety of six-sided dice, as opposed to the d20s and the like used by games like D&D and Pathfinder.

Alien: The Roleplaying Game is designed to emulate the “fast and brutal” world of the Alien universe. If the world of tabletop roleplaying is foreign to you, it even has two different ways to approach game sessions: “Cinematic” mode and “Campaign” mode.

Cinematic mode is a bit more friendly to those who don’t have a lot of RPG experience or are more looking for the “board game” feel. These are pre-made scenarios that are designed to play out a dramatic arc not unlike a film in a single gameplay session. Since this game takes place in the universe of the Alien franchise, it will be very difficult for the player characters to survive.

For a more traditional RPG style, the Campaign mode is where you’ll want to look. Rather than throwing players directly into the action, the Campaign mode is designed to be played over multiple sessions. It allows players to explore and build their characters together as they seek to uncover the mysteries of the scenario they are working their way through.

This isn’t to say the Campaign mode will be a cakewalk - it means you’ll just have more time to get attached to your character before xenomorphs storm in and start eating you.

Even if you aren’t interested in getting a group together to play the game, there are plenty of reasons for fans of the Alien franchise to take a look at Alien: The Roleplaying Game. The core rulebook comes it at a whopping 392 full-color pages, full of fascinating artwork and bits of lore that fill out the story of the franchise alongside explaining the rules of the game.

Here is what comes with the game:

The core rulebook for Alien: The Roleplaying Game

Two sets of dice - enough to get your basic sessions going A GM screen

A deck of custom cards to help players visualize various NPCs and pieces of equipment

Maps and markers

PDF versions of the core rulebook, maps, and markers

Even though Alien: The Roleplaying Game is set in the universe of the films, it is set in the year 2183 - just a few years after the events of Aliens. This means the scenario possibilities for Campaign mode are nearly limitless in terms of the lore of the Alien franchise. With Cinematic mode, nearly anything would be fair game - it seems very likely that scenarios that replicate the films are on the table.

Alien: The Roleplaying Game is now available.
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