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Update On The EVIL DEAD Franchise!

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Up until this point there really hasn't been too much information about the next movie in the EVIL DEAD franchise. Filmmaker/producer Sam Raimi recently offered an update on the project over on Reddit during an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A discussion to promote THE GRUDGE. The last that we had heard, Bruce Campbell is retired from playing Ash Williams, but he will continue to be involved as a producer with a new filmmaker being brought in to work on the next installment.

Sam reveals:

“Bruce, [Robert Tapert] and I are working with a young [filmmaker] who is writing a new Evil Dead story that he will direct,” Raimi wrote. “As for me.... I would love to direct a new Evil Dead movie... but I'd really like to do it with Bruce. And he says he's retired the character. I hope not.”

Pertaining to Fede Alvarez’s 2013 remake, the option is still there to continue.

Raimi comments:

“If Fede would write or direct it,” Raimi added when asked if that movie could get a sequel. “Yes, in a split second!”

He also went on about the original EVIL DEAD and how that came together, explaining, “Bruce, Rob and I were just trying to break into the business. Trying as hard as we could to make a movie good enough to play in [the drive-ins]. We were thrilled when it did. Never had any expectations beyond that. Horror movies were not even a thing that you would consider to be highly praised, unless you were talking about the Cabinet of Doctor Caligari or Frankenstein,” he continued. “Those were very rare. I never considered it as anything other than it was. A good drive-in flick. I'm surprised it's lasted this long.”

Who knows what will become of the EVIL DEAD franchsie. We will keep you posted as we hear it.
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