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Crystal Lake Sign I Made

I just made a mini Crystal Lake gn for fun, as I am starting a huge project I announced a long time ago and I now want to complete it. I will keep it a surprise, but if I can get this all together it should be bad as hell. This is still rough and works as it is, but I am going to paint the handle and weather it some to give it an aged look, and maybe some tiny blood drops on the gn, not sure yet. I hope to make a lot more small scale stuff soon. Seeing and cutting though is a bitch lol. There is a lot more to come though and I can't wait to start this next huge project a LONG time in the making. I just hope I can find all I need and get what I want.

sirbrad Thursday 10/15/2009 at 04:24 AM | 56269
Camera won't pick it up well in this light, need outdoor pics tomorrow.

I did some blood splatter and aging on this one, and I love how the wood turned out. I might do several different ones if I get the time. The perma wet sealer smeared the colors a little more than I expected, and made it look very faded which kills the details but adds to the aged look.

sirbrad Thursday 10/15/2009 at 07:03 AM | 56279