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UndaGround Killaz: The Catacombs-Oct.31st feat. Diehard!!!

Hey HorrorBid dudes!

I wanted to tell you about my record label's newest album that just dropped on Halloween!

OushaBoo Records present: The UndaGround Killaz!

It is a duo that consts of lenze aka lent Killa & ShockSumOne.

This is the second UndaGround Killaz album...titled "The Catacombs"...and it doesn't disappoint if you are looking for NON-BLING, NON-CRUNK, NON-ICP, NON-RADIO horror story hiphop/rap/poetry muc.

The Catacombs is based on the fact that Indianapolis, IN has a huge maze of catacombs beneath the city...starting below a church.

The album features labelmate Holocaust & of course, yours truly, Diehard Dustin Lee!

I'm on the track "Unidentifiable."

That song is about leaving someone you loath..."Unidentifiable."

From a dirty texting ex who doesn't know when to a bully in highschool getting his just a whole locker room of pro wrestlers getting a Columbine-like's just a ck track!

You gotta hear this!

For only $'s a steal!

We don't paint our face or talk about clowns or Junglehos or any of that brainwash.

This is an original horror album from up and coming artists...celebrating their favorite holiday by dropping an album that fits in perfectly with the season!

After all the colors of OushaBoo Records are Orange & Black...just like the holiday we love!

Please give us a try and order you a copy today...only $3.00 w/Full Color Sleeve & Autographs!

Also, I'll be posting up some pics of my Cast Iron Hockey Mask I made...I think you'll all shit your pants when you see it.

It's heavy too!
Diehard Dustin Lee Sunday 11/01/2009 at 02:09 PM | 57347