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Shaun of the Dead Screen-used Props

I've owned one of these props for about a year now but the other two are new. Figured I'd post them all together.

The first is the stunt zombie torso for the large zombie in the yard scene. This was used for the shot from the rear where Ed (Nick Frost) hits the zombie in the head with a shovel. The torso itself is a fiberglass shell with hardware inde for mounting it to a base. The head is licone.


Next is the pool cue used by Liz (Kate Ashfield) to attack the landlord of the Winchester (Steve Emerson). Rather than use a real cue, the filmmakers took a light plastic tube and formed the handle out of foam. They then created a lightweight wooden tip for the section where the cue is narrower than the tube.

Tube with handle

Extended with tip

Close up showing the foam

Screenshot (notice Kate has her left hand where the wood tip joins the tube and her right hand where the foam handle meets the tube)

The final prop was never actually screen used. This foam rubber teapot was made for the yard scene where Shaun and Ed through their laundry basket full of kitchen devices (including the toaster with no cord - a pet peeve of mine). The filmmakers made more items than they actually could fit into the basket in case they had to do more takes than planned and some of the items were damaged.

Some of my other SOTD Goodies

lblambert Thursday 11/05/2009 at 01:11 AM | 57527
I'm not sure quite how to sum up how impresve this collection is. Shaun of the Dead is one of my favorite horror movies and to own one piece of the films history would be a dream come true but this is down right amazing.
Dunge44 Thursday 11/05/2009 at 01:24 AM | 57530
Awesome scores!

That last fat zombie is a replica, right?

If you don't mind me asking, who made that one?
chubacabra Thursday 11/05/2009 at 02:22 AM | 57537
HOLY SHIT!!!!! That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
richardmalone Thursday 11/05/2009 at 02:27 AM | 57538
Thanks guys...I appreciate the comments.

That last fat zombie is a replica, right?


If you don't mind me asking, who made that one?

I honestly can't was a few years ago and there were only a couple made. This was the first one and it was listed on ebay a few times and it didn't sell. Eventually the price went down quite a bit and I picked it up. I saw another copy at Maskfest last year and it's the only other one I've seen.
lblambert Thursday 11/05/2009 at 04:40 AM | 57546
Great to see your Shaun collection again

Shaun of..Is definetly a clasc zombie flick, a nobrainer imo
kaizu Thursday 11/05/2009 at 04:42 AM | 57547
Big fan of SOTD! Awesome stuff

Klempo Thursday 11/05/2009 at 10:55 AM | 57558
Wow, a great collection, really impresve stuff, might have a go at a shaun zombie myself one day
frosty Thursday 11/05/2009 at 12:18 PM | 57564
Damn good stuff. You are making me jealous!lol j/k. Cool stuff Lee.
Matthew Mayhem Friday 11/13/2009 at 02:42 PM | 57956
Great collection there Lee. SOTD is a great film and owning anything from it is great but the pieces you have there are outstanding.
cropsy Sunday 11/15/2009 at 02:37 PM | 58008
Damn...I hate my work computer will have to see em when I get home On the bright de i don't know what happened but the smiley faces actually do work now...yay

kweandee Sunday 11/15/2009 at 05:17 PM | 58020