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check out my "UNHALLOWED GROUND"!

Hey's a trailer done in the spirit of those that were shown before GRINDHOUSE. This was written; shot and performed by my company HALLOWS EVE FILMS in conjunction with my good friends over at SOPWITH CAMEL PRODUCTIONS.

Let me know what you think and see if you can guess which clascs we pay homage to!

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ny ghoul Thursday 11/05/2009 at 05:01 PM | 57579
bump.....noone wants to check out some old school fun? humbug!
ny ghoul Saturday 11/07/2009 at 03:28 PM | 57682
LOL...I actually watched half of it yesterday before I had to leave, I plan to watch the whole thing in alittle while after I'm done cleaning

kweandee Saturday 11/07/2009 at 05:02 PM | 57691
killer!....lemme know what you think!
ny ghoul Sunday 11/08/2009 at 02:49 AM | 57711 i get detracked way too easy. Just finished watching it and it looks really cool. I liked it alot.
kweandee Monday 11/09/2009 at 09:36 PM | 57814
Hey Evan, I finally saw it! It seems I was doing something wrong all this Love the way you take on the occult

Very nice lighting too. Btw that bed scene made me jump!lol Great work bro!
kaizu Wednesday 11/11/2009 at 05:55 AM | 57880
thanks guys! it was just a little fun thing while we gear up for the next full length! btw kaizu...thats a Jon Fuller zombie mask! makes me jump all the time!
ny ghoul Thursday 11/12/2009 at 03:02 AM | 57902
Bridge Thursday 11/12/2009 at 01:33 PM | 57910

Definitely some Omen, Rosemary's Baby, Amityville,I was thinking of the Omen too...

kweandee Thursday 11/12/2009 at 07:57 PM | 57926
I'll start w/ homages 1st:

Opening muc: The Exorcist.

Some of the content: I'm catching a "newer-verons"-Hellraiser vibe, mainly because of a box w/ a particular configuration - but something about it reminds me of Hellraiser: Inferno, Deaders, etc.

Definitely some Omen, Rosemary's Baby, Amityville,The narrator: Dude kinda has this Indiana Jones, Jewel of the Nile, etc. type feel.

Muc clips in the house: Halloween!

"Back fowl beast!": Probably not what was intended, but it reminded me of Peter Vincent on Fright Night.

The rest I'm drawing a blank - can't wait to see what you do feature-length!

Whoa! give this man a cool one! you pretty much summed it up my friend! Hellraiser; Omen; Rosemary's Baby.....and INDIANA JONES! you got it bro, great job!
ny ghoul Sunday 11/15/2009 at 05:01 AM | 58001
I would love to watch this but for some reason it's not working for me.
weaponx Thursday 11/19/2009 at 09:37 PM | 58200