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Escape From Camp Blood Board Game...

First off I'd like to say that I've been waiting... and waiting... and waiting... exc... for them to come out with a Jason Board game and I finally got tierd of it. I took matters into my own hands and made one myself. It's not 100% finished yet, but the board is done and I have have temporary cards for it that I intend on making more profesonal ones. I also ordered Pawns for this game. So... Just yesterday I had this idea of mine notarized on paper for my saftey. I'm going to make an atempt at selling off my idea to a game company. What better place than USAoploy??? The're the ones that brought us "Killer Trivia". Maybe they will bring us an actual produced veron of my game?

I guess we will see.

Here's a copy of the notarized letter, which also includes the instructions, and photos of the game... So I did make sure my whole idea was notarized.

Anyway, On with the pics...

Object of the game is to be the first to cross Crystal Lake to saftey... I'll have more details on a later notice when I have everything finalized... Yes I already made the corrections to Ralph's name.

This board game is ALL hand painted... No stickers, No decals... Just a fine brush and some oil based paint...

Thanks for looking!

Harry Warden Saturday 11/07/2009 at 06:17 AM | 57666
Interesting idea Ryan! Looks great bro!
Klempo Saturday 11/07/2009 at 12:12 PM | 57669
That is soo cool....I would definately buy one

kweandee Saturday 11/07/2009 at 06:01 PM | 57702
Very cool idea Ryan and the best of luck to you in getting it picked up by one of the companies.
cropsy Sunday 11/08/2009 at 10:13 PM | 57761
Cool Ryan.

I wondered what it would be.

I was thinking it was going to be a type of Monopoly Haddonfield edition but this is just as cool.

Hope Lee was able to help out with the legalities and all.

Can't wait to see the completed set.
deathrisingup Monday 11/09/2009 at 06:16 PM | 57801
WOW! looks great!!!!
ny ghoul Monday 11/09/2009 at 06:47 PM | 57805
I was thinking it was going to be a type of Monopoly Haddonfield edition but this is just as cool.that would be really cool

kweandee Monday 11/09/2009 at 09:11 PM | 57811