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why do i/you collect horror

so i got to thinking,

why do i collect masks? is it the smell of the latex when i get a new mask? is it so that when ever i want to i can be in the movie by slipping it over my head? is it we just admire an artists beautiful work? or is it we just wanna show that horror has the most loyal fans?now tell me/us, what is YOUR reason for collecting?
scaryzack Monday 11/30/2009 at 02:46 AM | 58630
well, the reason why i got into collecting masks/props. is cuz my dad ( mrmorningde) when he was a kid an shit lik that he collect an made mask ... an he still collects now! lol. but anyway i most likey pick it off him when i was real young ive always been wanting a good mask. when i was about 10 i got my first mask it was a h4 an 2 months it was sold. but i just lov tha way most mask look an i just lov collect an thats something i will never let go man.....

Dillon sum Monday 11/30/2009 at 09:09 PM | 58655
I would say I collect Horror for the mple fact I love the memmories each piece gives me when I look at it from posters, masks, figures and whatever else I have. I have been into horror it seems nce I was old enough for my mother to feel safe letting us watch them. The movies were not as over the top as they are now with the gore and nudity(well maybe the old one had nudity lol). Some of it I think is also the challenge of trying to find that one piece you just can't live without be it a mask, presskit, lobby card set, model, dvd box set, old beta tape or all the other crazy things that are out there including props.
cropsy Monday 11/30/2009 at 11:37 PM | 58659