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its sad that the Admin. has to delete posts in their forum that could be read as negative in any way. This started out to be a great webte, now it is merely a FORUM. Hey guys.... what the hell happened to the AUCTION TE ? Guess if you fail at creating a new auction webte you can always revert to forum talk....lmfao ??

I appologize to everyone BUT as a vendor it pissed me off to see my post deleted.

my post was mply stating that the auctions have been stagnet.... I wanted to see original props, masks, etc. I wanted to see some Horror Movie Props ( WHICH I ~WAS~ willing to offer )

You look at the props section of the auction page and "ITS LOADED TO THE HILT WITH MASKS" ?? nce when are masks props... I guess when you have no props to fill the page you can always load it up with masks... ??

I joined Horrorbid in the beginning ( When it was created by RedCrow ) because I thought it was a good idea - hell I even promoted it as much as I could ....

I removed all of items and left do to the inactivity of the te.... it wasnt getting enough "Hits" ( See Google analytics ) or enough interest.

So I return once in awhile to see if things have changed ( Ready to post new items ) and it seems it is still stagnet.... still unchanged.... So now I return once again and EVEN OFFER one of our unreleased items excluvely to the HORRORBID members and the ADMIN deletes my post ? hmmmm. way to go guys.... way to show vendors respect.... VERY CHILDISH... I figure if you cant take criticism you arent much of a man .... if if your not much of a man then you wont get my buness.... LIKE MANY OTHERS.... that have removed their listings.... I will to and this time I wont return.... I will however wait until I here a response to the post.... I have also sent a P.M. ( With no response ) but then again

~If you hurry you will be able to remove this post before to many of your members see it~

maliciousstudios Thursday 12/03/2009 at 10:15 PM | 58767
Hey there, I very much remember you from the David Brandon days. Your post was mply moved by one of our MODS to make sure it didn't instigate anything on the whole Brandon issue. I have nce read it and it was a very valid post and you do make some great points.

HorrorBid is a free te first and foremost and we don't decide which content makes it onto the auction section. So if you see nothing but masks that's because thats what individuals have put up for auction, we don't control that. The auction te will take time to build and the more the te grows the more activity it will see. Again you're giving us a year, it takes 5 to 10 years to usually get a buness off the ground rolling. I think by our community standing we are well and above that buness model.

And as for us being a forum only, that was about 6 months ago. Now we're a blog and a forum.The auction te is curretnly being revamped, its in a newsletter e-mail we sent out, you might have missed it. We appreciate your feedback and sorry we can't provide you with a "better" free te to sell your items. Free means free, just to make sure you knew that, it doesn't cost money to use, that means we do this because we enjoy it and we try to help keep vendors like you making money. So we aren't getting paid to make sure you're custom props sell the best on the net. Sorry we're not making you more money. It's tough to live up to your standards with all this frevilous money we waist on updating the te and keeping the lights on....

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Thursday 12/03/2009 at 11:46 PM | 58768
I understand... as far as "The David Brandon Days" I guess you have lost me there... I do know he is against the recasters so maybe thats why you bring his name up ? Maybe my relationship with Mr. Brandon brought harsh feelings from you ?

I have been a member of nce early 2008. I have been making the same points nce then... "Nothing New"

I do appreciate your standing up and taking on the post and offering a reply. It doesnt explain why my last post had been deleted ~But~ it is a reply. I know I had some valid points in the original post and some negativity....BUT you are going to have to take the good with the bad.... you cant please everyone all of the time... with this said

Horrorbid is a great idea but I for one would like to see it change - evolve.

Malicious Studios ( IS NOT YOUR ENEMY ) we are your friends.... but deleting our comments in the forum is NOT a way to show your appreciation. The reason for a forum in the first place is to have disscusons AND yes debates.... ( If you dissagree, post and disscuss it ) it isnt good customer service to delete. Try to take the bull by the horns next time. Dont assume....

We hope to eventually build a

good buness relationship with Horrorbid or we wouldnt have become members in the first place ! We have MANY items that we havent even posted uploaded onto our webte yet that we would love to push on

along with our current catalog. Dont burn bridges.... you may need to return .... just my .02

As far as the te being FREE.... I personally dont care if you charge...lmfao, as long as Im selling stuff... HELL CHARGE AWAY ! I list things on Ebay without blinking an eye.... its not painfull

its a service that Im willing to use AND it gets our stuff out there to the people who love it !

I thought I understood Horrorbid auctions before....but now they have changed, it will take some time now to figure out how to use them effectively .... Keep an open may see us list a few more...
maliciousstudios Friday 12/04/2009 at 12:17 AM | 58769
Here is your original post,

So... I joined in the beginning whith the idea that this te would become something big, HOPING that this would be a great place to sell masks AND props. Seems that over a year after the creation the te has become a show floor for masks that flood the market every year at Halloween. These masks do not sell well on here and show evidence of a STAGNET auction. Where is the good stuff ?? Where are the movie props ? Where are the original pieces ?? Now, granted there are some that have tried to bring original pieces to the te ( A refreshing breath of fresh air ) but maybe I and ( MANY ) other had taken it the wrong way ? Is this supposed to be a webte created to sell original art, props, and masks ? Or is this a te to regergitate the same masks over and over again ? Now.... I myself left quite some time ago due to inactivity, but I do check in from time to time to see if things have changed. I looked again this morning, ( It has been 6 mos. nce I last looked ) Same Ol SH*T, the props section is filled with masks... the mask section is filled with masks and NOTHING is moving. Same Stagnet auction te.... I do see that the forum has allot of, is this webte to become a forum or do you plan on pushing and selling the auction ??

I do hope to see things get better ~ I for one think Horrorbid is a great idea. But if you want people to take this webte seriously you will need to push originality and stop pushing the recasters as well as the people who flood the market with the masks you see at Spencers ts. "Not to say that these arent good masks" I can remember artists who listed work on here that blew me away.... its sad to see the hype turn into BLAH...

See you in another 6 mos.

I am leaving you with some of my work

( Not the best in the world by far - BUT its mine )

Malicious Studios
href=""> "Horror FX That Sticks To The Roof Of Your Brain !"

And here is my resoponse to your latest post....

Again I am always up for a friendly debate and I appreciate you brining up points that need to be addressed. That we can agree on. You mentioned eBay, it's tough to go up against them, lol! Look at our auctions as a clasfied section and please don't compare us to eBay, that's not what we are trying to be and I understand the confuon. After all we are HorrorBid and we did start out soley as an auction te, but we have evolved. And we have turned into a collecting community that focuses on horror movie news, reviews and so on. The auction de of things will always be there but again we can't force people to use us over eBay nor do we want to.

However, if you have some items for sale that you want to list on a horror only webte and your not in a hurry to get rid of them, right now our auction te is a viable option. Will it ever be more than that, who knows. We sure hope so but if it doesn't we still have a great community at to be frank with you we keep the lights on around here based off adverting dollars and the more people we have coming to the te (which right now is at an all time high) and not the amount of auctions up help make the te funds. That then gets pumped back into the te to upgrade and pay for adverting the HBid itself.

So again, we want you to list your items on HorrorBid, auctions are a pason of ours as is collecting but if you don't then you don't. HorrorBid is a community now, not just an auction te.

Thanks again and glad we can discuss this profesonally.

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Friday 12/04/2009 at 12:28 AM | 58771

href=""> ... _id=118454
maliciousstudios Friday 12/04/2009 at 01:06 AM | 58778

href=""> ... _id=118454

Great looking product and good conversation. I hope it sells for ya and glad you enjoy the te. Hopeully the auction de of things grows as much as the other areas are.
Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Friday 12/04/2009 at 01:12 AM | 58779