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Michael Myers "Thorned LE" H30 HalloweeN 6 Collector Mask

First off let me start off by saying the only reason I am selling this is because I have gotten out of the white mask hunt for now. If it weren't for that this would not be leaving my office. Gary from H30 created this personally for me a few months ago and it has been displayed with pride nce I received it. From the weathering to the haring everything is 100% top notch. This is the H6 mask to own. Very few of these were made, I asked for extra weathering so I am not sure how much rarer that makes this. If you're looking for that special mask to have displayed or wear as a costume this is it. This will fit up to a 23 to 24 inch head. I will let the pics speak for themselves. 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.

You can purchase through the auction te or PM through here. Thanks so much.

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