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A message from Glove maker Ken Hastings

Anyone here who has been waiting on an order from Ken Hastings,heads up! He posted this on the Kruegear forum.

Well I have been away for a very long time and have just been online for the first time a week ago I have been touching base with people. A few know the reason I was gone which I feel I should not put up on the boards. The important thing is all the people who have emailed me up to this point have been very understanding and thats great. It really has been rough the past year. My life is literally changed for the good now, I feel there is nothing I can say to make anyone feel better about the past year. So I am glad I can come back and fufil all my orders. I have been home for one week and already have 2 gloves I am working on. I feel good and motivated, I feel normal again, and I hope those who have been waiting will be happy to get thier gloves. I had mark put up a post on nightowl with my new email this is where anyone who has a glove ordered can contact me. Oh and no reason to apoligize if you posted any bad comments about me on the boards I would have done the same. I would also ask if you know anyone who I owe to email me I got 7 so far and I know there is about 20 so please just give them my email. I really dont have plans to keep doing this like I did before I really just want to make due on my debts. Thats what counts. Feel free to chime in and dont hetate to email.

-Ken Hastings
kaizu Thursday 1/14/2010 at 06:46 AM | 60257