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Tons of Random Nightmare Remake Screens



- Things exactly or almost the same

Making the glove

Kris (Tina) at school - original Nancy part

Tina at funeral- original Nancy part

Freddy's out from the wall

Tina's death

Tina's body bag shot and body bag at school

22.jpg" class="photoborder" />

Police sation - Rod scene - he's later at bolier room

Bathtub scene

222.jpg" class="photoborder" />

Nancy at some clinic / hospital

Nancy and melting floor - stairs in original

Freddy searching Nancy's house




ANOES 2 - factory ( see that in background

probably Fred is chang by parents - JinZX1 found "hidden" stuff )


Garden Party mixed with ...

ANOES 3 - Guy fallin' from roof" class="photoborder" />

ANOES 3 / ANOES 6 - Awake with lighter / fire


Freddy as teacher at school

Dinner and Alice scene

Freddy at road making crash

ANOES 4 / NEW NIGHTMARE - Freddy as nurse

ANOES 4 / ANOES 1 It looks like this guy is at schoolclass

Look at smoke.

ANOES 6 / ANOES 2 later he's at factory

ANOES 5 - Victim at pool

Pictures and comics. I can't remember his name - guy making comic books - but it was Danny I think.

ANOES 6 / Freddy's Nightmares - Freddy's death

New Nightmare - Freddy at wardrobe , mixed with ANOES 1 - Freddy searching house

Cutted as Heather ( after Fred's atack from wardrobe )


Here we got something NEW. .

Nancy after "Melted floor" scene ?

Car attack

Freddy at Nancy's room

Boiler room morphing into shop

lent Springwood

Kirstine's room from ANOES 3 ?

Candle room

Ghosts of little girls.

Tina at cellar and ... Freddy


More dream ghosts of kids.

Internet stuff.


Raptor Monday 3/15/2010 at 11:31 AM | 63022
Thanks for posting these man. Great looking caps!!!!

Happy Monday everyone...

Horror Domain - Cursed Evil Overlord Monday 3/15/2010 at 02:04 PM | 63025

worthy clips!

That may be the coolest shot of his face yet!
customcritters Monday 3/15/2010 at 04:15 PM | 63027