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Lost my camera at Mask-fest Horror Hound weekend 3/26/10

The above pic is of me and my girlfriend at Horror Hound Mask-fest weekend.

I lost my Cannon S5IS camera in the hotel or parking lot of the Marriott hotel. If you found it go ahead and keep the camera just please send me the camera card.

if anyone sees any pics with me in them or knows someone who found it i will give a $50 dollar reward to any info leading

to the return of the camera card.

my address is.....

Jared Hulse

509 Monroe Ave Apt A Scranton, PA 18510

No return address is needed! The camera is worth $400 just keep it. I just want the photos!

SideshowFreak Tuesday 3/30/2010 at 02:48 AM | 63274