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DWN Presents Vol 1 DVD Featuring Shamrocked

Hot outta some black guys duffel bag in down town comes DWN Presents Vol 1!

A bootleg collection of 3 videos (almost 2 hours long!).

The DVD includes The OG Race War short that inspired the fourth coming feature length remake.

A 2 piece molding demo where the Shamrocked mask is molded and then the last video where the Shamrocked mask is painted.

All that good shit for $13 shipped in the USA $17 shipped Outde.

Dont get ripped off paying $40 plus shipping for the others guys fx dvd when you can get the same information for a fraction of the price!

Vol 2 coming Aug 2010!
DWN Productions Wednesday 5/05/2010 at 08:25 AM | 63737